Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why We Should Embrace Our Vulnerability

Vulnerability is an ingredient of love.
~ Bob Van Oosterhoot~

 We can find personal meaning in our crazy world and live happy. To breakthrough feelings of disconnection and discontent, we have to embrace vulnerability. For most of us, this is no simple matter.

 It takes courage to live life with an open heart. Too often, we allow the disappointments and heartaches of "yesterday" to dictate how we will respond to life from that day forward. It's understandable that when our soul has been wounded that we take time to process our healing, and that time is different for everyone. 

Eventually, we should reach a place of acceptance after challenging life experiences that enable us to "see" that we are much stronger than we imagined, and that we can leverage the lessons learned from such experiences to approach life with a smarter and wiser perspective.

We must not allow our fear of being hurt, rejected or laughed at keep us from trusting and loving.

The Power of Embracing Vulnerability

Making the choice to embrace your vulnerability, to be open, to be your self is completely opposite of what most of us were raised to believe. For most people, vulnerability is perceived as a weakness. It is not something that one should embrace. It is something that should be dismissed or at least ignored.

Most people live with the illusion that they are in complete control of "everything" that happens in their life. In spite of the facts of life that we see on the 6 o'clock news, we have the tendency of deceiving ourselves into believing that "everything" is within our control, when that is a bunch of BS.

Most of us are such control freaks that the mere thought of doing this without some sense of certainty is way beyond our comfort zone. I have certainly been guilty of being so at various stages in my life.

When you begin to be open  to accepting what is happening right now in life, and you are able to accept the good times with the not so good times, you are connecting to "what is" and you are positioning yourself to unleash the power within you to  manifest "what can be".

When you embrace vulnerability, you make a statement to the universe that you are okay with being imperfect. You are willing to accept yourself, love yourself and honor yourself.  In this space, you are more willing to express your unique ability, as you have recognized that you can be imperfect and contribute value. 

Embracing vulnerability increases your capacity to honor the truth of other people without taking it personally. Every "truth" held by someone that we love or care about is not a reflection of our worth. 
We can honor a person's truth without judgment and condemnation. 

We can identify with our collective human experience and recognize that throughout life, we will need to feel loved, accepted and respected for who we are, not for who people want us to be  that there needs are met. Embracing vulnerability encourages us to seek to understand other people on deeper emotional levels. 

Our willingness to embrace our own vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness increases our capacity to connect to others, and to life in an authentic manner.

In the following video, researcher Brene Brown shares insights from her research on the importance of embracing vulnerability.

To live a life that represents our truest self requires that we embrace vulnerability. This is not to say that we will put ourselves in harm's way, rather we can view vulnerability from a more empowered perspective that enlarges our capacity to be and live authentically.

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