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Is this Habit Stealing Your Joy and Confidence?

Do not relinquish doing a thing simply because someone  else is not sure of you.
~Stewart E. White~

Whenever we compare ourselves to others, most of the time we do so with limited information and a whole lot of assumptions. And we know that when we assume something to be so, rarely is it the way our mind has concocted it to be.

Recently, I was telling someone about how much I love the Internet, and sharing my belief about it becoming "the" tool that levels the playing field in business.

The following day, I found myself in another conversation with someone speaking from the heart, sharing how difficult they believe it to be for most people who aren't well connected to make a descent living on what I consider to be "the economic equalizer" for the 21st Century. In the middle of this conversation, I realized that the "real" issue wasn't the difficulty of the Internet, but one in which the person was comparing their progress with individuals who has been doing similar work for years.

Success is Never a Straight Path

I've never believed that making money online would be easy. As with every adventure in my professional life, I expect to have a learning curve. Getting beyond my learning curve to creating momentum is not something that is simply going to happen as a result of following for example steps outlined in  a Marketing Online E-Course.

I have to practice the steps in the course and modify my actions based on the results that I receive, not the individual who created the program. 

Yes, the creator has had great success with the building of several online businesses, but I know from my experience that success cannot always be replicated by doing the exact same thing that someone else has done.

With any knowledge that we pursue, it is in the application of the information in our daily life that we discover the power in any system that can help us attain our goals and aspirations.

When we are not committed to doing the bare minimum that is required to achieve success, we should not expect the level of success experienced by those who are willing to do more than is expected to achieve success.

How is Comparing Yourself to Others Helping You?

Which gets me to the point of this post. Stop comparing yourself to others because it is stealing your joy and confidence. It is difficult to engage life without the passion that comes from joyful living.It is difficult to be your best self and live your best life when your self-confidence is taking a beating because of a habit of comparing yourself to others.

When you compare yourself to others, does it make you feel better about yourself when you are doing better than someone? Do you feel worse when someone else who you consider to be your equal or less than you, is doing better than you?

Why is it that your self-worth is tied to something that you don't have any control over? You have no control over the activities of another person, unless you are the parent of a child or a caretaker for someone, in some way.

The person that you are comparing yourself against could possibly be taking actions that you aren't aware of that would accelerate their current status beyond what you could imagine is possible for them.

How would that make you feel then? Are you any better off or less of a person because of their actions? No. 

Believe Me...You Are Worthy

You are still  the person who is able to contribute his or her knowledge, skills and talents toward the achievement of worthwhile dreams and aspirations. You are still worthy of being appreciated for what you bring to the table. You are still worthy of love and acceptance. You are still the only person that can be the best you possible.

Listen to the following tips shared by Marie Forleo in this video. They will inspire you to focus on what you can do to take care of your most important asset, YOU and the importance of recharging your inner strengths to move forward in your life with greater joy and confidence.

So, stop fixating on what other people are doing, and how well they are doing because at the end of the day, you can't control any of it. 

Comparing yourself to others is one reason why you aren't enjoying your life as much as you should, and why you have a problem mustering up the confidence to make the changes you want so that you can be better off. 

Focus on what you can do in your circumstances. If necessary, acquire additional knowledge and develop your skills. Expand your network. Who you know can really make a difference in what you accomplish in life.

View information about others from a healthy and empowering perspective. Their success indicates what is possible, so their is no denying that whatever it is that you want to achieve is possible. 

Go after your goals not because you want to get one-up on someone but because you believe that you can be better, do better, and live better.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Share your comments below.

Thank you for reading, contributing and sharing. If you like this article, show some love, share it with your social networks.

Grow Forward & Flourish

Jackie B

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