In the Spirit: In You... Right Now...Dwells Greatness!

You are capable of so much more

You can stand up... in the truth...that God's will is that you enjoy life and experience His grace and goodness in abundance.

You've got to make a choice.

You will either continue to think of yourself in a lowly manner which only serves to keep your unique ability contained in a box, or you will choose to see yourself from God's perspective: strong, mighty, talented, successful and a world changer.

In the following video, Joel Osteen encourages us to embrace the "call from within" to soar like a butterfly. 

In the coming week, begin to renew your thinking about yourself and what you think you are capable of. God's word continues to be "the" book in my life that builds my confidence and faith that I have access to His power and resources to manifest the vision within my soul. 

I encourage you to train your mind. It is our thoughts that drive our behavior. People that you see who are highly successful has had to discipline their thoughts in specific areas to reach the results that we see. You and I can do the same. Trust in the process of your transformation. Day by day, you will begin to embody the person that you are divinely designed to be.

B Fearless,

Jackie B

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