Saturday, June 8, 2013

If You're Scared, Admit You're Scared

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
~ Wayne Gretzky

There is something about admitting when we are scared that causes us to shrink back from our truth and power. The voice in our head is so concerned with what other people might think or say about whatever it is that we want to do or have in life that we begin to loose the authentic connection to the voice of our soul. When we begin to make it a habit of shrinking back from the challenges and opportunities that arise in our life, we begin to lose pieces of our self.

It's time for each of us to recognize that it's okay to feel fear. It's okay to be scared of failing, of not knowing if something is going to work out or not, to be anxious about knowing if someone is going to reciprocate the same feelings that we may have in a relationship, if we are ever going to get our life on track after heartache, disappointments or adversity. It's okay because God, our creator designed us to feel our emotions. We don't have to detach ourselves from what we feel to learn how to manage our emotions. We can feel afraid, admit it and learn how to manage our fear so that it does not sabotage our potential to be all that we were divinely designed to be.

Here are some simple steps to help you face your fears head on:

  • We have to acknowledge that we are afraid. Yes, we're adults and supposedly we should be beyond feeling afraid, but how many of you know that is far from the truth. How many of you know that regardless of our age, we still feel scared in some aspects of our life? Fear has no age limits.

  • We have to acknowledge the story behind our fear. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 26 years old. Why? Because I was afraid of being in a car accident. The story that I was telling myself, "People drive crazy. Someone could easily drive smack into me and cause an accident." The story that I was telling myself is indeed a risk that comes with driving a vehicle, however it was the "only" story that I was telling myself about driving until...I wanted something greater than my fear. Which brings me to the next step.

  • We have to have an emotional connection to a purpose larger than the story behind our fear in order to face our fear head on with courage.  When I became a Marriott manager, I was bound and determine to maximize the opportunity. I believed that it was "the way for me" to elevate my children't quality of life by being able to move out of public housing and afford a nice rental home. My work schedule changed when I became a manager. The public transit did not have a bus traveling early enough for me to get to work on time. I saw this management opportunity as our ticket to living in a home. This vision compelled me to face my fear of driving head on. I knew that I would have to have a car to get back and forth to do the job as a manager. I had to have a driver's license. Thankfully, my baby brother, Laronzo had the guts and patience to help me learn how to drive and pass my driver's test, the first time.
My willingness to acknowledge my fear of driving and face it head on became a catalyst for me having the courage to face numerous other fears as I navigated my career with Marriott. It has become a defining moment in my life. It provides me with the evidence that I can "do all things through Christ who strengthens me" even when at first I may feel as if I can't.

Rising above my fear of driving taught  me that we have the power within us to take action in spite of our feelings of fear. You have that same power. I don't own the corner on the market of conquering fear. You can rise up, just as I did. Each time that I share my thoughts on this blog, I am confronting the fear that what I am doing may not matter to anyone but myself. 

I am committed to the vision that I have of myself as a life coach, speaker, blogger and author. It is this vision that compels me to consistently produce content in this blog that will inspire you to live passionately and courageously. 

Do you have a vision that is compelling enough that it will move you to take action in the face of your fears? If not, please make the time to connect with the voice of your soul. It is always speaking in it's still small voice, hoping that you would believe in yourself just enough to make that next step. If so, trust that it will help you to align your beliefs and actions so that you manifest more of what you want.

I believe in you. I want you to be your best self because I know that as you do so, those around you and our world is going to be better off.

If you're scared, say you're scared. It's the first step towards breaking free from your fears.

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Grow Forward & Flourish

Jackie B