7 Things Your Potential Needs to Be Realized

It is a denial of the divinity within us to deny our potential and possibilities."
~James E. Faust~

In the past weeks, I have had conversations with individuals who have supported me and my professional endeavors for over two decades. Although I haven't worked with any of them in the past decade, our conversations reminded me of why during the periods that we worked together as a team we were able to  accomplish so much.

A Fact of Life: Just because someone is with you does not mean that they are for you. There is a difference. You need to figure out which camp the people in your circles belong to.

These conversations were motivational and insightful. They reminded me of how important it is to live, work and play with people who genuinely have your best interest in mind, and are committed to helping you manifest that which you are striving to accomplish in life. 

During these conversations, I was reminded of the needs of our potential if we desire to fully realize it. The following are some of the insights I gained from these conversations:

Our potential need us to believe in ourselves and stop entertaining the limiting beliefs that others have of us so we can manifest it in a bigger way.

Our potential needs a vision of purpose that serve as a compass for our passion, focus and energy.

Our potential needs to be nourished and supported by people who believe in us wholeheartedly.

Our potential needs a space in which it can grow, make mistakes, learn life lessons and be celebrated.

Our potential needs us to take the necessary actions to sustain our sense of hope, faith and courage.

Our potential needs us to be persistent so that we overcome our challenges and maximize our growth opportunities.

Our potential requires that we become willing to let go, or minimize influences in our life that are no longer serving our best interest to grow and thrive in life.

Too often in life, we hold ourselves and our potential in such a low regard. This is  often a result of the limiting projections of those who influenced us in our  childhood and early adulthood.

Don't you think it's time  that you begin to rewrite your life scripts based on what you know is possible by the evidence of so many people who are living their life with purpose and passion?

You deserve to thrive in life. You are worthy of experiencing all the goodness of God that is available to you by faith.You have what it takes to manifest your soul's call to action.

It is no coincidence that you are reading this article. Most, if not everything that you have read, you already knew. Didn't you? 

The integrity, aspirations and level of commitment that the people you hang out with display on a consistent basis towards you and others influences what you believe about your potential, and what you will pursue in life. Don't underestimate the power of your social influences.

All of us have a need to feel like we belong. When we interact with people who sincerely show that they have our best interests in mind, people who desire that we experience good things in life, and are willing to not just talk about their support but back it up with concrete actions, these individuals demonstrate the importance of trust, and just as important to your soul they are for you!

In what ways, have you realized your potential? Do you feel that your potential has stagnated? If so, why? Share your thoughts below.

Grow Forward & Flourish Assignment:

In the upcoming week, I want you to consider the needs of your potential. Make a decision to take actions that are relevant to the needs of your potential.  I dare you to begin immediately to nurture and expand  your potential, and see how it enlarges your vision of what you're capable of and what's possible in your life.

Share this article with your social networks and show your friends and acquaintances that you are "for" their growth and success in life.

Thank you for reading, connecting and sharing.

B Fearless

Jackie B

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