Thursday, May 16, 2013

Video: The Transformative Power of Surrender

“If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Years ago when I first started watching Oprah, I had an intuitive hunch that she would be another strong example for me as to what is possible in a person's life when one has faith in God, and a genuine desire to be used by God for a greater purpose. 

Recently while surfing the web, I came across the following video. It resonated so much with the present dreams that I have for my life that I felt an urge to share it with others.

You and I know what it is like to have a burning desire to achieve a goal so bad that you become obsessive about it. I felt that way about becoming a business leader with Marriott. I feel that way about becoming a successful writer, author and business owner. 

I understand how one can want something so bad and when it seems as if it is not going to happen, how assumptions and beliefs about a situation can effect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states. This is never pleasant. Truth be told, most of us would rather avoid these feelings. I've certainly had my moments in which I placed my head in the sand.

Fortunately, as we embrace this path of personal growth, we have come to understand our power in making conscious decisions. This includes paying attention to the messages that we are getting in our life. They help us connect the dots to God's view and will for our lives. Making a soulful connection to our divine purpose and linking it with purpose-filled actions increase our capacity to activate the power of surrender.

The power of surrender is the act of developing the practice of maintaining an open mind to possibilities that you may have never considered. Too often, we want what we want the way we want it, right? I've certainly been guilty of being adamant about wanting something to unfold just the way I want it. So much so, that my attitude blocked my ability to "see" what was possible in several situations. 

We want to feel that we are in control. So practicing the act of surrender is not easy but it is doable and it has benefits. First, it helps us to manage our stress. Second, with a more relaxed mind we are more likely to gain fresh insights on a challenge or opportunity. Third, we access the space in which the wisdom of our intuition or inner guide is given free reign to help us navigate our "next" steps forward with courage and confidence.

This video inspires me to keep pressing through to the end, and to be open and willing to surrender my dreams to God. I have to  trust that He can and He will enable me to achieve dreams over and beyond what I can ever think is possible. I am expanding my faith beyond where it has gone before. And, I'm excited to see where this journey leads. It is my hope and prayer that as you regularly read this blog, you will be excited about the courageous steps you're taking to embrace new possibilities in your life.

I share this video with a inner "knowing" that those of you who are viewing it on this blog, do so because it was meant for you to see it now. It serves as a reminder for us that by surrendering more to God's will for our lives we access the strength of spirit and wisdom necessary to manifest God's grace, love and goodness in our lives. This video encourages me to believe that our best is yet to be!

As always, thank you for reading, sharing and contributing.

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Peace and Blessings,