Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Video: Follow Your Dreams At Any Age

During this past week, my family experienced an unexpected death of my cousin's daughter who was only 25 years old. Her soul's departure from our life reminds me of the importance of "minding our time". Too often we get stuck in a rut of the same routines, day after day, not realizing that our life is passing by in each given moment. Unless, we make conscious choices to live our life with a sense of meaning and purpose, we will grow old wondering to ourselves, "where has the time gone" and live with the regret of not making the most of our time and energy when we were younger.

Developing the courage to live our lives with greater passion and purpose requires that we stop resisting our ability to dream. Instead, we must begin to harness our dreams and use them to direct our steps towards the manifestation of our highest good. Dreaming can seem like a waste of time and energy - but the point of dreaming is that before anything can become tangible, it must first be imagined.

For instance, I have always had a passion for the written and spoken word. If I had never made the choice to join and rejoin Toastmasters, I would never have embraced a space that gave my dream of public speaking a chance to grow. If I had never made the choice to navigate a path into leadership with Marriott, I would have never given my innate leadership talents a space for them to grow and blossom. Nor would I have the confidence that I could build a successful media. Dreams are vitally important. They help us to tap into our creative ability to manifest what we desire to experience in life.

Once you begin to get clear in your head as to the quality of life you want to live, what you will have to do to achieve it and begin to take purpose-driven actions, you will be surprised at how the universe present ample opportunities for you to grow forward and flourish.

 The following video from MarieTV highlights the importance of following your dreams at any age. Enjoy!

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