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The Power of Intuitive Hunches

Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

After trying out two previous times, Candice Glover has been crowned season's 12 winner of American Idol. Her mother has been reported as asking her to not try out again after the previous failed attempts. Fortunately for Candice and for us, she followed her instincts and continued to believe that she could compete and win!

Candice accomplishment is an example of what is possible when we trust the wisdom of our inner GPS. Her achievement is proof positive that when we pay attention to our intuitive hunches and take purpose-filled actions inspired by them, we can rise to heights that are beyond mere reasoning.

When you make decisions about the challenges and opportunities that you have in life, how often do you take into consideration your intuitive hunches? Do you play them down because there seems to be no concrete reasoning to back them up? Or, have you developed your intuition over time so that you have come to rely on it to support your ability to successfully navigate your "next" steps.

Would you have had the guts that Candice demonstrated to pursue a goal after experiencing failure? One of my favorite quotes about failure is by Tony Robbins. He says, "Failure is feedback". Feedback provides us with the opportunity to discern what worked and what didn't work relevant to a desired outcome, so that when we embark on the path again, we are better prepared to position our self for success.

What is that "thing" that continues to inhabit your thoughts and stir your soul trying to get you to do something about it? Whatever your "thing" may be, the intuitive hunches that you are having comes from the innate wisdom within your spirit and soul. Don't dismiss it. Pay attention to it and the messages that the universe is sending your way as a manner of confirming them. 

Taking action inspired by intuitive hunches will not guarantee that you will not experience any more heartache, disappointment or adversity. Candice believed in season 9 of American Idol that she had what it takes to compete and win. She was eliminated in the Hollywood Round 3. She believed last year in season 11 of Idol that she could compete and win. She was eliminated in the Las Vegas Round after her group performance. She was faced with challenges in season 12, yet she pressed through week after week doing her best to land herself in the finale. The third time worked like a charm. The vision she held of herself from the beginning in season 9 as the winner of American Idol became her reality in season 12 of the show! What a testimony of the power of intuitive hunches! By paying attention to your intuitive hunches and trusting in them to guide your steps when related to the achievement of your highest good can dramatically shift the trajectory of your life.

Millions of viewers voted for Candice. Their support helped her manifest a new reality. I congratulate Candice Glover for her achievement as this year's American Idol. I congratulate you for reading this blog. It is a testament to your desire and passion to be an expression of your best self to live your best life.

Thank you for being a part of the growing readership of Grow Forward Flourish. I'm always seeking ways to improve the experience of community members, so your feedback and suggestions are welcomed. I appreciate you sharing this article with your network.

Unleash Your Power!
Jackie Capers-Brown

Founder, Grow Forward & Flourish

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