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Playing Make Believe Can Help You Create Your Ideal Life

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.
~Carl Jung~

As a child, each of us played the game of make believe. We used our imagination to think of new possibilities. As adults, we are all guilty of taking life too seriously at times. When you ask most adults, “What is your life’s purpose?” most tend to answer in a manner to impress others, or to make it seem as if they have a lot going on in their life. Not everything in life requires that we be so serious.

I have learned from my various roles in life that many of the games we played as children can be very useful in our adult life. Playing make believe is one of these games. Just like when you were a child, playing make believe as an adult unlocks the power of your imagination. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

What does playing make believe and creating an inspiring life vision have in common? Both require that you tap into the creative power of your imagination; stretching it beyond knowledge to “envision” and pursue purposes in your life that inspire your spirit, soul and body.

I invite you to play a game of make believe. By allowing yourself to embrace the space where you believed, “anything is possible,” you are allowing yourself to return to a state when you had childlike faith and trust in the goodness of life and in what you could create in life. Granted you may not have understood it at the time, but your games of make believe had everything to do with activating your power to live life by design.

Create a Life by Design with Your Imagination

I know what you are thinking, “How is this going to help me?” Here is a fact: what you imagine in your life consistently, is what unfolds consistently in your life. You have the power of free will to imagine experiences in your life that inspire you to wake up each day with gratitude, joy and a sense of meaning and purpose for your life. In your imagination, you can tap into your innate creative intelligence to “be” the individual from whom all of this goodness flows and “be” a person who lives his or her life by design vs. by default. You do not believe me. 

Think about the phrase, “Fake It til You Make It.” What does it mean? For some, it means that someone is attempting to manipulate others by pretending to be something that they are not. For those of us who have experienced the reality of our dreams, it means occupying a “state of being” that increases our abilities and chance to live our life by design. Instead of waiting until our desired reality manifests, we begin to “be” the person that we believe is capable of attaining a particular dream. We begin to speak and behave in a manner aligned with our intention. In other words, we get into agreement with that which we imagine to be possible in our life thus creating the energy to attract to us that which we believe we are. All of which is the result of utilizing the power of our imagination and beliefs.

To live a life by design, you have to begin to “be” the person that is capable of creating your desired reality, before you can attract that which you want. You can attempt to force things to happen and have reasonable success just by “doing.” However, over time, any sustainable long-term success requires an inner foundation of spiritual principles, mental discipline, and emotional strengths that serve as your moral and life compass. Otherwise, when the storms of life come, and they will, you will not have the inner compass necessary to keep you steady in the midst of life’s stormy patches.

Playing make believe allows you to tap into the power of your imagination so that you can envision the person that you will need to be in order to live your life by design. Once you get clear about the character and behavior of the person that you need to be to create your desired reality, you can begin to take actions to evolve into this person. As you grow forward and flourish, you will begin to be the very person that you imagined yourself to be. You will begin to attract the very experiences that represent the person that you are becoming. Your life will evolve, as it should because of your ability to tap into your imagination and expand your “being” and “doing” which increases your clarity and focus. Take a moment to listen to this short video by Tony Robbins on the subject.

Two Rules of the Game

In this game of make believe, there is only two rules: First, allow your imagination to run wild. Second, ignore the but’s and what if’s when they arise. Oh yeah, and have fun.

The Only Task in the Game

The only task in this make believe game is: Describe your ideal life in as much detail as possible.

 Here are some questions taken from the book, Find Your Courage by Margie Warrell that may stimulate your thinking:

·        Where would you be living?
·        What kind of relationships would you have with your family members?
·        What type of work would your career comprise of?
·        What community causes and projects would you champion?
·        What would your ideal day look like, from the beginning to end?
·        What would be your ideal yearly income?
·        What value would you contribute that would enable you to earn your desired yearly income?
·        What actions would you take to keep your skills sharp and expand your knowledge base?
·        What are some places that you would travel?
·        What plans would you make to maintain strong friendships?
·        What practices would you have in place to live a healthy and fit lifestyle?

Eudora Welty said, “All serious daring starts from within.”

Last Words

This article was inspired by a section in the book, Find Your Courage by Margie Warrell. She writes, “By daring yourself to play this game, you can create a clearer vision of what would inspire you in the future to enhance your odds of having it actually come true.”

Allotting the time to embrace this game of make believe will certainly help you become clearer about what you truly want. That is very important. Too many of us agree with the social standard of accepting life as it is and we lack the initiative it takes to create what can be. Whenever we choose this route in life, and I have certainly been guilty of it, it is because we have allowed the perception of our circumstances disconnect us from the innate power that come with our choice to live better.

Playing this game of make believe does not erase the fact that your ideal life requires that you take consistent action towards experiencing many of the ideal circumstances identified in the questions above.

Playing this game of make believe helps you nourish your imagination. What you imagine today has a possibility of becoming your future reality.

Thank you for reading, sharing and contributing your comments below. Like this article, share it with your social networks.

Grow Forward & Flourish

Jackie B

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