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20 Tips to Seizing This Moment!

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.
~Lord Chesterfield~

In her small but powerful book, Finding Peace, Paula Peisner Coxe writes,
“There has been so much that has happened in your life that you carry with you today – all the events of your childhood, teen and young adult years that have tested your faith and the very fiber of your being. Sometimes, the past clouds the present and prevents you from seeing tomorrow. Your pain, fears, and worries create noise in your mind and doubt in your heart.”

Coxe points out, “You lose precious moments in time when you look backward too long and wonder, “Why?” Too often, she says, you lose yourself in the past at the expense of doing what you need to do today and miss the joy of the moment.” This post highlights 20 tips that you can begin to embrace today in order for you to “be” in this moment of your life. The time to celebrate and make the most of your present is now.

The following tips inspire the practice of mindfulness. Increasing your consciousness of the beauty of “what is” ignites more passion and purpose in your soul and helps you to lighten up with play.

1.    Practice daily acts of compassion towards yourself and others.

2. Seek to understand, not to simply be understood. Coxe writes, “Understanding build bridges. Judgment divides.”

3.    Nurture an empowering vision of yourself and your life.

4.    Commit to taking daily action toward your dream in spite of how you might feel.

5.    Savor the moment with undivided attention on each activity that you engage.

6.  See your scars as a mark of your strength to endure and overcome.

7.  See things for what they are- no more, no less.

8.  Express gratitude for what was because it helped to develop your strength of character and resolve.

9.  Ask yourself the following questions: Where can I serve? What do I need to learn? How can I contribute more value to the people and causes that matters most to me? How can I use my life lessons for a higher good?

10.      Do Something. You do not have to be great, or an expert to start taking action towards what matters to you. You do have to start to be great.

11.      Go to the park and play.

12.      Go to the circus.

13.      Ride a merry go round.

14.      Skip around for 5 minutes recalling a rhyme you loved as a child. 

15.      Have a “blow bubbles” contest with other adults.

16.      Play with some toys.

17.      Color

18.      Paint a picture.

19.      Take an afternoon nap.

20.      Stay in bed on a Saturday morning and watch some of the cartoons you loved as a kid.

Coxe writes, “It is no coincidence that “present” is the same word used for “today” and “gift”. Today and every day hereafter, each moment that you are present in your mind, body and spirit you are giving yourself the gift of the present.

Seizing this moment in life helps you accept what is and what has been. This daily practice increases your ability to maximize opportunities for expressing a greater sense of passion, purpose and play which will expand your happiness and well-being.

Which of the tips in the post resonated with you? Share your thoughts with us below. If this article has provided you with some value, please share some love, share it with your family, friends, and social networks.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and connecting with this budding community of people who are passionate about living courageously.


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