TV: Use Caution When Viewing

Television hangs on the questionable theory that whatever happens anywhere should be sensed everywhere.  If everyone is going to be able to see everything, in the long run all sights may lose whatever rarity value they once possessed, and it may well turn out that people, being able to see and hear practically everything, will be specially interested in almost nothing. 
 ~E.B. White

In our need to be “in the know” regarding the news related to the recent bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon where it has been reported (as of this post) three are dead and dozens injured after the explosions. To the explosion that occurred early this morning at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas where it is reported that 5 to 15 people have been killed as result of the explosion, we have to be use caution when viewing traumatic events on television.

There has been numerous studies and reports that cite the importance of individuals taking an active role in managing the amount of television they watch because of health and overall quality of life issues.

I watch television and I believe that it is a medium that has great benefits. However, I recognize that when we watch tragedies like those listed above and others, day in and day out we can become more anxious, stressed and fearful. So, I make a conscious effort to limit my viewing of such tragedies so that I can go about focusing on creating the change that I want to see in my life and our world.

It is a fact that life is full of uncertainty. And it is important that we process our emotions about traumatic events in order for us to feel that we have a handle on them versus our emotions controlling how we see and respond to life.

For the sake of reducing the fear, stress and anxiety that comes with watching hours of television related to traumatic events and just bad news all the time, I recommend that we use television as a means of being informed citizens about such events yet we should manage the amount of time that we spend viewing television so that we are not allowing fear-based thoughts and emotions hinder us from doing what we can to make our lives better and the world around us better.

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