Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Secret to Manifesting Anything

Desire is transformed into drive when a dream creates a passion for action”

~Dr. Robert Anthony

 On a scale of one to five, with one being highly unlike me, and five being very much like me, how would you rate the alignment of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors with manifesting the happiness, love  and success you want to experience in life? If you did not score yourself a five, why not? Is it your circumstances,  the people that you're around, or is it you? Are you spending your time contemplating on the very thing that you don’t want in life?

The Wright brothers didn’t contemplate on airplanes staying on the ground. Alexander Graham Bell didn’t contemplate on the non-communication of things. Thomas Edison didn’t contemplate on the darkness of things. These men and others who are able to align their thoughts, emotions and behaviors with the very thing they want to create activated the law of manifesting and were able to inhabit their dreams as reality. Are you willing to do the same?

Wayne Dyer writes in The Power of Intention, You can’t discover the law of co-creating if you’re contemplating what’s missing. You can’t discover the power of awakening if you’re contemplating things that are still asleep. The secret, he says, to manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of intention”.

Think About What You Think About

How often do you contemplate on the happiness, love and success that you really want to experience? For example, if you desire to experience more happiness, don’t spend a lot of time contemplating “how sad I feel” or “how depressed I feel”. How will focusing on these emotions help lift your spirits and shift your mindset so that you feel happier? If you desire to experience more loving relationships, focus on being more loving towards others. If you desire to experience progress and success in any aspect of your life, begin and continue to contemplate on the conditions that will support your efforts in creating your desired reality.

In the blog post, The Start of Something New, I share the subtle shift that is happening within me as a result of enlarging the vision and purpose of this blog. I don’t expect this new and improved vision to manifest itself overnight, however I do expect to receive Spirit’s guidance and help which includes paying attention to intuitive hunches in my soul. And I trust that as I make consistent efforts to improve how this blog educates,  engages and empower its readers, my efforts will not be in vain.

The shift that is occurring within me is increasing my capacity to align my thoughts, emotions and actions with the new and improved vision I have for Grow Forward and Flourish. I am contemplating the tens of thousands who will read this blog on a regular basis and begin to face their fears and live more courageously. This reality would not be possible if I focused on what I don’t want to experience relevant to my efforts of building a world-class blog. It can only be possible as a result of my willingness to get in alignment with this “new thing" that God is doing in and through my life.

You: The Co-Creator of Your Life

You can’t access and work with intention to manifest the reality of your dreams if you’re continuously contemplating on the impossibility of your dreams manifesting. Dyer writes, “You must contemplate the law of manifesting working for you instead of contemplating it not working”.

A tiny acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future manifests its intention by remaining connected to the invisible field of energy that flows beyond our normal habitual patterns. You and I have access to this same field of energy and so we are able to tap into it to co-create experiences that represent the life of our dreams.

No longer should you accept limiting beliefs. Nor should you allow challenging and daunting circumstances define who you are, what you are capable of doing and what you can have in life. You can begin to develop thinking and behavioral habits that align your inner world with what you desire most to experience.

What You Can Do Next

Tapping into the power of intention to manifest your dreams ignites dormant forces and talents within you. It helps you discover that you are greater and stronger that you previously believed yourself to be.

Dyer identifies what we can do to enter into this spirit of intention. He writes, “You can nurture it by your continual ongoing expectation of the infallible spiritual law of increase being a part of your life. It’s everywhere. It’s pure love in action. You need to simply trust your ability to rely upon Spirit to express itself through and for you”.

That’s right. All we have to do is to embrace each day from this day forward with an expectancy of increase and a faith that expresses itself in its highest form: love. By allowing love to be the moral compass from which we live our existence, we align ourselves with the energy of God, for God is love. Love never fails.

Last word…

In the coming week, pay attention to any pattern of thoughts, emotions and behavioral habits that are creating an inner resistance to expressing your divine nature: love. This awareness provides opportunities for you to recognize how you can increase your capacity to be a conduit of love within your sphere of influence. You can only overcome what you are willing to acknowledge. You will manifest in life that which is representative of the dominant energy that you display in the world.

Love is the highest form of vibrational energy that connects us to the power of our Creator. The alignment of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors with love as our moral compass connects us to the mind of Spirit and empowers us to move forward, one step at a time by faith, trusting in the guidance of Spirit and the wisdom of our divine self.

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