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Overcome the Habit of Making Excuses!

No one ever excused his way to success. 
~Dave Del Dotto

Recently, I checked out from the Richland Library Dr. Wayne Dyer's Excuses BeGone! audio book. I have renewed this CD program twice. Each time that I've listened to a CD, I find that I am developing an awareness of why the previous five years of my life has been less successful and less satisfying to my soul than the previous twenty years.

The insights that I'm gaining from listening to this program has helped me to see how I have used excuses such as, "I don't have the money", "I don't have the contacts needed", "I don't have the time", to "I don't have the physical energy I had in my 20's and 30's to go hard towards achieving the dreams that are closest to my heartstrings". This program has begun to raise my awareness to the following facts:

  •  If I am to live out my fullest potential and as a result encourage and support others to do the same, I cannot rationalize my excuses.
  •  I've have allowed myself to use several excuses as a crutch which has in turn limited my growing forward.
  • I have failed to fully press into the gifts that God has blessed me with and the grace I've received to develop them.
  • And most importantly, in order for me to eliminate excuses, I'm going to have to rely on my faith in God (like I've never have had to before) and the power of Spirit to inspire my soul with intuition and direction, using what I know and have in the present to engage new possibilities in my life.

Listening to this audio program is helping me shed the mental restraints that I have cultivated over the previous five years. I am not looking to achieve the same level of success as I had previously. I'm expecting to exceed my previous personal best in regards to my personal and professional relationships and achievements. This requires that I expand my way of thinking and being so that I am able to align the development of new skills and habits to help me make it so. Excuses about my circumstances is no longer acceptable. I have to adopt a similar self-reliant attitude that I took in my early 20's, "If it's to be, it's up to me" and remix it with the wisdom that I've gained in the past 20+ years.

Subtle Shifts in Our Thinking Can Be Good or Bad

I take pride in being a self-aware, introspective person. And yet, I didn't identify how I had established patterns of thinking that were cultivating a mindset of an "excuse maker". When I think of the person that I see myself as, being described as an excuse maker is not the dominant trait I want to be known for, especially when for most of my educational and professional career I have been described as an individual who "follows through" and "makes things happen".

My rationalization of the obstacles that exist in becoming the business and community leader that I've dreamed of becoming every since I was nine, has held me in a holding pattern. The truth be told, I've been guilty of doing "just enough" when my spirit and soul has wanted to soar. A professional setback that occurred two and half years ago affected me more than I was willing to admit. Instead of getting back up and dusting myself off, I set on the sidelines and began to rationalize all the reasons why what I wanted I couldn't make happen at the time.

This is no way to live a full life. I know this. I've also experienced enough setbacks and adversity in which I had to get back up again quickly to ensure that I didn't lose the ground I had worked hard to attain. I don't plan to spend a lot of time analyzing why I was becoming an excuse maker. I'm sure that some of it has to do with the fear of failing after my attempt a few years back to move in the direction of my soul's passion.


Begin to Prepare Yourself to Grow Forward and Flourish

For the last year and half, I've been on a quest to master new skills and gain the necessary knowledge that provides me with a stronger foundation of faith, courage and confidence as I move towards new possibilities in my personal and professional life. I'm no longer afraid of failing in my effort to elevate my life. I have every intention of living a life that inhabits possibility and supporting the efforts of people like you in doing the same.

Fortunately, I am well beyond the season in my life when I was my worst critic. Today, I handle myself with loving kindness recognizing that my life will constantly evolve and the best approach that I can take towards any insight into "becoming my most awesome self" is to see myself as God sees me and love myself, as much as I am able, the way God loves me. I recommend you doing the same when you come across similar conscious raising experiences.

Click on the following You Tube Video of the preview of  Dr. Wayne Dyer's presentation of Excuses BeGone! I encourage you to check out this program from your local library, purchase it for your private library or read or listen to it again. It encourages your faith and increases your capacity to commit to an "Excuses BeGone mindset!." By putting into practice the Excuses Begone paradigm, your will discover as I am, that life will never be the same.


Grow Forward and Flourish

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