Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Do "They" Know Anyway?

Each of us literally choose, by our way of attending to things, what sort of universe shall appear [for us] to inhabit.

~William James~

We give too much power to “they”. We convince ourselves that if “they” agreed to what we want then surely it would be so. Those in power will always protect their best interests.  So, unless the change we want benefits them, “they” will protect the “status-quo”.
There’s no doubt work needs to be done, and there’s no doubt we sometimes don’t have the power to make those changes ourselves. But many times we can’t wait for the people, systems, policies and practices that created the status-quo to be the source for fixing it. We can’t wait for conditions to be right for change. It will take too long. “We” have to take action.

“We” have to be ambassadors for the positive change needed in our lives, families and communities. “We” have to find the change “we” can make and begin to make it. “We” have to fund our own revolution. And as “we” do, “they”: those who are resisting changing the status-quo and protecting their best interests will eventually lose their power to influence. And those among us who decide that change needs to happen will get about the work of making it so.
Challenging what “they” say  is impossible unleashes infinite possibilities. It starts with you and I.

Grow Forward and Flourish