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8 Power Moves to Boost Your Emotional Energy

Energy is equal to desire and purpose.
~Sheryl Adams~

You are not alone in wanting more energy. Millions of people are experiencing an emotional energy crisis. Every day they confess things like, “I feel so tired”, “I feel older than I am”, “I barely have enough energy to do what I need to do on an everyday basis”, and “I could get a lot more done, if only I had more energy”. Emotional energy fuels our inner-drive to overcome setbacks, set goals to experience better and enjoy our life.

You have probably made the effort to boost your energy level by increasing your physical energy and found that the pop of physical energy isn’t enough. “You’re not just your body”, says Mira Kirshenbaum, author of The Emotional Energy Factor: The Secrets High Energy People Use to Beat Emotional Fatigue. “You are a whole person. The emotional side of you is just as important as your body”.  “So it makes sense, she says, there’s another energy source. It’s emotional energy”.

Kirshenbaum defines emotional energy as “an aliveness of the mind, a happiness of the heart and a spirit filled with hope. Despite the inevitable heartache, frustrations, disappointments and adversity that we experience in life, some people are able to maintain the emotional energy to keep pressing through the challenges and achieve goals that enhance their well-being.

Take the story of Laura Hillenbrand who wrote the best-selling non-fiction book, Seabiscuit while suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Kirshenbaum writes about Hillenbrand, “It was so bad that in interviews, she talked about my broken body.” Hillenbrand on her best days is reported as having to drag herself out of bed to write on her computer from one to two hours. In the face of this profound physical disability, Hillenbrand, according to Kirshenbaum, was able to remain focus on writing Seabiscuit because she maintained an emotional energy that connected her to a purpose bigger than herself. The book sheds light on the small Thoroughbred that had an inauspicious start to racing but became an unlikely champion and symbol of hope for Americans during the Great Depression. In taking on this painstaking task, Hillenbrand embodied the heart of a champion in the face of daunting odds and physical challenges.

Emotional energy empowers you to sustain the physical and emotional energy necessary to take on the challenges and maintain the courage to live your life on purpose.  Kirshenbaum asserts, “It is the single biggest difference between people who get what they want and people who don’t”.
The following 8 Power Moves will Boost Your Emotional Energy:

1.   Nourish Your Spiritual Growth & Development

According to, Research indicates tangible advantages to a connection with the spiritual word. People with faith are most likely to:
·         Live longer and are less likely to have a heart attack.
·         Have less anxiety and stress in their life.
·         Experience less depression and more contentment.
·         Suffer less physical pain.
·         Are less likely to panic under pressure.
·         Children of parents who are involved in religious faith are less likely to get involved with drugs and underage sex.

Individuals who consistently practice their religious faith are resilient, manage stress and experience a greater sense of well-being because of a belief that God wants them to experience His goodness in the land of the living.
2.   Face Your Truths

God’s path to pure joy is spelled out in James 1:2-4. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (NIV)

Look at the above verse again. It does not indicate that the path to pure joy is NOT having problems - the path to God’s pure joy is ours when we face our problems. Many people live with the false belief that if they had less problems, or if they had no problems—that is the path to pure joy. But this clearly contradicts the simple truth of God’s word.

Facing the truth of your reality releases you from emotional burdens that come with denial and a resistance to the facts. Walking by faith encourages us to respond to life with a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)
3.   Manage Your Relationships

One of the greatest blessings and frustrations in our lives come from our relationships with others. When you address the concerns that you have in your relationships in a spirit of love, power and sound mind, you will create emotional space in your relationships, where the people your care about feel safe and respected.
When individuals can trust that they can express their feelings, in an appropriate manner, and they won’t be judged but accepted, you will gain insight that enables you to show that you respect and understand where they are coming from, even if you both agree to disagree, in a matter.

4.   Think About What You Think About
If you don’t manage it, negative self-talk will play havoc on your life. The endless stream of your mind chatter can be directed with smart thinking habits that enhance your smarts and well-being. When you “fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely and admirable (Phil 4:8-9 NLT), your thoughts will be engaged in the process of elevating your way of thinking and upgrading your way of life.

5.   Nurture Gratitude
Are you so caught up with comparing your life to other people lives that you’ve lost sight of the blessings that abound in your life, right now, today? If so, stop it. No matter how much you compare yourself and your life to others, you can only be you and live your life. Jealousy and envy are dangerous to your spiritual development and physical well-being.

Nurturing a heart attitude ofgratitude demonstrates your appreciation of what is good right now in your life. Maybe things aren’t the way that you want, but that is still no reason for you to be thankful for the grace of God that has been shown towards you in life. And if you think you haven’t experienced God’s grace, consider all the many times in life that situations could have been worse and you were spared the experience.
6.   Embrace Life with a “YES” Attitude

Are you sitting on the sidelines living life vicariously through the lives of others? Why? What are you afraid of? Identify the fear that’s keeping you from doing what came naturally to you as a child, embracing life with great passion.
The seeds of greatness dwelling in your potential are needed by someone. But you’ll never know that if you allow fear, past pain, disappointments etc… to keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone. One of the keys of people who are highly successful in all areas of life is that they learn how to be comfortable with the unfamiliar. Seek the wisdom and guidance of Spirit in how you can use your gifts to bless your life and the lives of others. Acknowledge God in all that you do and trust that wherever your path leads, the power of Heaven backs you up. Having something that fuels your passion for life will certainly boost your emotional energy.

7.   Embrace the Freedom of “NO”
When you continuously over schedule your commitments, you will always feel frazzled. You have to take authority in your life and run the risk of not being the go-to person all the time so that you can live a more authentic and centered life. Embracing the freedom that comes with saying “NO” to requests that depletes you of emotional energy allows you to access more positive emotional energy.  As Marcus Buckingham writes in Live Your Strongest Life, “Trying to be all things to all people, all the time is a fool’s game that will in the end drain mind, body & spirit.”

8.   Start the Process of Letting Go of Past Pain
I know it isn’t easy to move beyond emotional pain connected to a soul wrenching experience. The tug-of-war that occurs in your mind and emotions can seem to have you tossed one way today, and tossed another way tomorrow. This emotional roller coaster is the culprit that has many people stuck in a rut and unable to embrace life with a “YES” attitude.

You have got to “draw the line” in the sand and say to yourself, “enough is enough”. Do the grief work that is needed for you to process feelings attached to painful experiences. You are stronger than you think. And you’ll never know it until you begin this process and witness the reservoir of strength that dwells in your spirit.
Boosting your emotional energy will make you feel better about yourself and your life. It will increase your demonstration of passion towards the life you are living and fuel your perseverance to make the changes that’s needed. Dwelling in your spirit are seeds of greatness that desires to be planted in the soil of your life and other people lives, so that they harvest a greater measure of the Lord’s grace and favor in your life.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy,

Jackie Capers Brown is the CEO of Positive Change Coaching Solutions. She is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to Game Changers. Feeling stuck? Navigating a transition? Want to overcome negative thinking and feel good about yourself and life? Read Jackie’s latest book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy. 

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