Thought-Provoking Questions that Can Transform Your Life

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

Life is comprised of endings and beginnings; the good and the not-so-good. Joy and pain. “When we learn to distinguish between pain and suffering, we discover that sometimes pain is a call to action. At other times, we must simply accept our losses and tragedies. In either case, pain comes and goes. Suffering grows out of our reaction to the original pain”, writes Jack Kornfield, author of A Wise Heart.
When I first read the above passage, it evoked several memories of past experiences and how I prolonged mental and emotional suffering because of my reaction of resistance to the truth of my reality and the “clinging” to beliefs about how I thought the situation “should have been.” Reading this book the first and every time since then continues to bless my heart and stimulate Aha! Moments.

I have always been fascinated with the power of questions. I have learned to use them in my personal and professional life to get to the heart of situations, so that I or a team could move on. Empowering questions get right to the heart of a matter. They create awareness about a situation that you can no longer deny. They evoke self-reflections that stimulate action that transform minds, hearts and lives.
If you feel stuck in any area of your life, the following empowering questions will help you get to the heart of the matter, so that you can break camp from unhealthy thoughts and emotions undermining your capacity to claim your sense of power and navigate your way forward.

1.      What is the streaming storyline (mind chatter) that is influencing the narrative that you tell yourself and others as to why you remain stuck in this present area of your life?

2.      How is the nature (positive or negative) of your self-talk helping or hurting your motivation to take action to bring about change in this area of your life?

3.      When was the last time, you paid attention to your self-talk and its effect on you? Would you say that your self-talk is dominated by what you believe, by what other people have told or done to you or by other external influences, i.e. religious beliefs.

4.      How has your self-talk influenced beliefs you have about what you deserve to experience in this area of your life in which you feel stuck?

5.      In the next 24 hours, pay attention to your self-talk. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. How often would you  allow others to speak to you in the same manner that you speak to yourself?

6.      Words have power. Your words have the power to create life or death. In a 24-hour time period, what percentage of the words that you speak to yourself and others nourishes your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others?

7.      When was the last time you questioned why you believe what you do about your sense of self-worth and ability? Could it be possible that the individuals that influenced self-limiting beliefs about yourself, was lacking in the capacity to inspire and motivate you to express your best self? If so, don’t you think it’s time that you stop believing them, and begin to believe in yourself?

8.      How have your beliefs about the way this area of life “should be” prevented you from accepting “what is” so that you can tap into the emotional, physical and spiritual energies necessary to create “what can be”?

9.      How much more of your life are you willing to invest in remaining angry, miserable and unhappy or seeing yourself unworthy, incapable or too weak because of your resistance to the facts of the situation?

10. How can you expect to experience better if you continue to dwell in bitterness?

11. Why do you need someone to validate you? God has already validated your worth when he allowed his son Jesus to die for you so that you could have salvation and experience his goodness. What are you still waiting on?

12. What small steps can you begin to take today that will begin the practice of transforming your mind and negative self-talk so that you feel empowered to expand the vision you have of yourself and life and the courage of heart to create “what can be” with the help of God’s grace and strength?

Note: Click on Anthony Robbins name in the opening quote and check out his You Tube video on the importance of quality questions 

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