You’ve Got It, Work It

As a man [or woman] thinks, so is he [or she].

~Proverbs 23:7

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, we watch as each of the main characters come to realize that the very thing they want the Wizard to give them is already within their capacities. In your everyday life, how are you allowing self-doubt to prevent you from “seeing” your seeds of greatness? How can you begin to champion your seeds of greatness in the world that would bless your life and the life of others?

I want you to consider how the characters of the Wizard of Oz went through unnecessary adversities simply because they didn’t look inward to define their self-worth and ability. Are there areas of your life in which you are allowing your self-worth and confidence to be based on external factors? How’s that working for you? Personal transformation that takes place from the inside–out has a better chance of being sustainable for the long-term.

The Scarecrow doesn’t think he’s smart enough to endure difficulties, and yet all along he’s the guy demonstrating the logic and reasoning that guides the group to make the right choices.

The Tin Man thinks that he’s worthless because he was made without a heart, except that his compassion for others and his passion for not giving up are what keep everyone going.

The Cowardly Lion is ashamed that he lacks courage that should accompany the “King of the Beasts” but when put to the test, he acts with courage in the face of fear. It’s the lion that steps forward with the real cojones to confront and expose the man behind the curtain who has assumed a role of power he doesn’t deserve.

The lesson of the ruby slippers is that the whole time Dorothy struggled to get home, thinking only the Wizard could help her, she had the power to do so all along. Her ability to understand the power of what she already possessed was obscured by her fears.


Face Your Fears, Doubt Your Doubts

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

~Marcus Aurelius~

What fears are preventing you from seeing yourself as strong and capable of doing what it takes to create good success in your life? Have you overestimated the power of that which you fear? It is possible that you can stop circling around the same mountains and break camp from your fears and move on in your life. It is really possible for you to approach the dawning of your days with hope and joy in your heart.

Living a strong and courageous life requires that you nurture the self-image, attitude and behaviors that will reinforce this possibility. As you do, your life will begin to expand in ways beyond what you can imagine and dream. God’s plan for your life is much bigger than the dreams you have for your life. He’s your Creator, so He’s well aware of who you’re capable of being and what you’re capable of doing. Don’t you think that it’s time that you stop hiding your light and share it with the world? Join the Makeover My Attitude Challenge…your life is only limited by how far your beliefs, thoughts and actions will take you!

It’s Your Move ~ Aspire Higher



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