The Power of Your Faith

Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.

~Mark Victor Hansen~

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the powerful gift that exists in the Power of Faith that Works.

The power of your faith creates the space for  you to come to an acceptance of what you don’t understand, even when it’s painful. Your faith fuels your belief in God’s “divine plan” working together for your good.

Your faith brings meaning and purpose to your life. It can reduce your anxiety and bring a sense of comfort during stressful times. Your faith helps you to make sense of our world – and trust that God can work in and through us to help us manage our everyday lives.

Research has shown that people who use spirituality/religion as an end in and of itself seem to do better emotionally then those who use spirituality/religion as a means to change some tangible outcome. In other words, we feel better in our walk of faith when we worship God for who He is and not for what we believe we can get from Him.
Faith in your heart stirs you to believe that the challenge in front of you is never as great as the God that is standing with and for you.

In his book Choices: Coping Creatively with Personal Change, Dr. Frederic Flach wrote, “Some pragmatist criticize faith as being irrational because it might not be based on observable, objective data. The flaw in this argument is that it assumes science has the capability to reveal all the “mysterious of the universe”, and that science is never wrong. Scientists have been wrong in the past, and they will continue to make mistakes in the future. Almost all new discoveries are based on faith in something not yet observed or demonstrated.”
 Your faith helps to build a foundation of hope in your hearts Hope is essential to the level of commitment and persistence that you demonstrate in the face of life challenges and in the pursuit of meaningful purposes in your life. Our faith-based practices help us to avoid spiritual power outages by keeping us connected to God - our “divine” power source.

Our faith in God reduces our tendency to be self-centered, instead we consider our actions and how we can contribute value in the lives of others. Our faith gives us the power to live our strongest life by demonstrating toward others the grace of God’s love that we’ve experienced. And this is how others will know that we are truly children of the living God, when we show love towards one another. (John 13:34-35) It is my prayer that you will experience more of God’s presence, power and provisions in your life, today and every day. In Jesus name. Amen. Peace and Blessings to you and your family.

 It’s Your Move ~ Aspire Higher

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