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9 Simple Truths for Living Wise: Part 4


1.      I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time. I hope you’ll tell yourself the truth about what matters most to you, know that your hours in life are limited for attaining it- then decide how you’ll use your most precious resource.
      ~ Oprah

2.      There is no reality, only perception. Try to get people to see things through your eyes and recognize your responsibilities with the limited time that you do have. Most important, know that you cannot control the feelings of others. All you can do is give them information and try to influence their thinking. ~ Dr. Phil

3.      Money is never a measure of self-worth. It’s not even a very good predictor of financial success. But some of the things that point to financial responsibility, if not success, are also qualities that make for a dependable loving spouse. ~ Suze Orman

4.      Remember, for better or worse, marriage is the legal joining of two financial lives.
       ~ Suze Orman

5.      Before you say “I Do” [to any relationship that involves your money]it’s important to ask:

·         Does your potential spouse live within his or her means?

·         Is he or she in credit card or student loan debt, and if so, do they have a plan to pay it off?

·         Does he or she work hard?

·         Is he or she saving for the future, and if not yet- do your potential spouse place a high value on saving?
~Suze Orman

6.      After you’re married, financial bad habits of your spouse becomes your burden. By the same token, financial savvy habits will add to the joy that you experience being married. ~ Suze Orman

7.      The people who age the best are those who have positive things happening in their lives and positive feelings.  ~ Norman Rosenthal M.D.

8.      Early American Feminists believed in their Mission.  The reality of their challenge is: bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan while never letting hubby forget that he is a man turned out to be a logistical challenge to rival the moon landing, but without support from Houston. ~ Martha Beck

9.      The wonderful thing about seeing that our society makes impossible demands on all women: You free yourself to ignore social pressures and begin creating a life that comes from your own deepest desires, hopes and dreams. You’ll stop living life from the outside in and begin to live it from the inside out. ~ Martha Beck


It’s Your Move ~ Aspire Higher

Reference: All quotes found in O magazine, April 2003 issue






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