Friday, September 28, 2012

12 Power Thoughts to Elevate Your Thinking

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do”.

~Benjamin Spock~
1.      What you think and believe about yourself determines how much you will accomplish in life.

2.      Your actions are a reflection of your thoughts. IF you want to change a behavior, you must first begin with a mindset makeover.

3.      To elevate your life, elevate your thinking and behavioral habits.

4.      Who you are today, is what you believed about yourself yesterday.

5.      You don’t have to ask permission from others to create the life you desire. Just Do It.

6.      Hope is acceptance of the present while believing that better is not only possible, but that you are capable of being a catalyst for creating better in your life.

7.      Faith is Hope in Action.

8.      Passion creates enthusiasm towards a person, place or thing.

9.      Passion fuels your perseverance to achieve purpose-driven experiences.

10.  Enthusiasm unleashes creativity.

11.  Energy follows thought, so what you are giving attention to in your life will grow that much more.

12.  Faith or Fear? You choose the dominant energy in your life by the dominant thoughts occupying most of your attention.

It’s Your Move ~ Aspire Higher