Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Questions to Enhance Your Workplace Performance and Success

Work is going to consume a great deal of your time and life energy, I believe that it is important to work hard and smart  so that you are able to maximize  present opportunities while preparing yourself for future opportunities. Remember, it’s not what you know but what you do with what you know that will your company is paying you for!

Use the following self-assessment questions to discover how you can improve your workplace performance and success. In today’s competitive marketplace, individuals who increase their capacity to contribute towards the bottom-line success of an organization on a consistent basis improve their ability to position themselves for sustainable professional growth.  

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Workplace Assessment Questionnaire

1.     What key actions have you taken to assist your immediate supervisor with the achievement of his or her present short-term goals? (30 days to 3 months timeframe)

2.     What key training, learning, and insights have you gained as a result of these actions?

3.     What key relationships have you strengthen and began to build inside and outside of your workplace organization that would be beneficial to your professional growth and success?

4.     What are specific challenges, related to assisting your immediate supervisor with his or her short-term goals, you are currently experiencing? Who have you reached out to for help?

5.     What are the primary long-term goals of your organization for the next 12 months?

6.     What key training, learning, and insights do you need to gain to contribute in a meaningful way toward the achievement of these goals?

7.     What key relationships do you need to strengthen within your workplace to contribute your ideas, knowledge, skills and talent toward the accomplishment of the organization’s goals?

8.     What specific actions are you taking to exceed the performance expectation of your present position?

9.     What are your primary long-term career goals?

10. What strategic planning and actions have you taken to navigate the career path that you desire?


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