Overcome Internal Roadblocks to Your Dreams!

Before my trip to Pigeon Forge on Good Friday in 2010, I contemplated if I was ever going to become a published author. For years, most of the people who know me personally have heard me saying at what time or another, "One day, I'm going to be a published author." Yet for years, I've used one excuse after another as to why I couldn't complete the first book, never mind the others that are to be in succession of it. How did I ever think that I was going to complete a series of empowerment books if I couldn't finish the first one? From not having the time to not having the money or motivation, year after year I said I wanted to be a published author and year after year passed by without even a final manuscript. I was always editing whatever I had written trying my best to get it down to the naked bones.

So after arriving in Pigeon Forge, I began to notice that my attention was much more focused. I am pretty sure now that my level of concentration was a combination of my experience of facing my fear to drive around a mountain and the reality that I would have to drive down the mountain to return back home to Columbia, SC. While we were in Pigeon Forge I became attuned to my need to make my dream of writing a book a reality. Once we returned back home to Columbia, it wasn't 24 hours and I was on my computer editing my book's manuscript but doing so with much more clarity and concentration of focus. Instead of allowing distractions from the telephone, family or friend visits to take me off task I was much more quick to establish boundaries with my time and focus my efforts to the final rewrite of my first book.

For years, I had used the lack of money to be an excuse as to why I hadn't self-publish my first book. I used Lulu.com self-publishing book services to print my first book. I wasn't pleased with its quality and so I removed it from the website. I knew that the information in the book would be valuable to individuals seeking to create and sustain success in their professional life, I just wasn't sure at the time how I would reframe it.

Flash forward two years later. I returned to Wilmington, NC where I'd lived for thirteen years before going back to Columbia in 2008. I decided that I was going to commit to completing my college studies and get the knowledge that I believed necessary for me to become a successful serial entrepreneur. Once I returned to college, I've come in contact with many young people who states that they have no clue as to what type of career they want.

This got me to thinking about my 20's and how with a vision for better I began to navigate a path that created my award-winning success with Marriott Hotels. I realized that the sooner we get an idea of the life experiences we want, the sooner we are able to look at opportunities with a lens of possibility instead of uncertainty. So I pulled out the manuscript from my first book and combined it with other information that I'd gained or wasn't included in it and created my first book ,"Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook", available on Amazon.com.

When I consider the years that I continued to use one excuse after another as to why my book wasn't finished YET, I find it to be sad and comical that it took driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains and facing my fear to do so that sparked the concentration and commitment needed to produce my first few books. Now that I have a better grasp on how to self-publish a quality product, I am anticipating that my dream of becoming a successful author is not only doable...it's doable by me.

Consider the reasons that you continue to tell yourself and others why you haven't achieved or completed a goal that you continue to say that you want. Knowing what you want and doing what it takes to achieve what you want creates the gap that often prevents us from achieving our aspirations. One of the greatest benefits that has come from the completion of my new book,
"Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook" is the sense of satisfaction and joy I feel as a result of accomplishing a goal that for so long seemed to be one that I may not fulfill.

I'm using this achievement to reinforce my efforts of returning back to college and completing studies to attain my BA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development. You can begin to build success in your life. My new book will help you create a vision for the experiences that you most desire in life and provide you with tools and winning strategies that helps support your success. I believe in my heart that as we begin to make progress in our lives, regardless of how small, we can build on that momentum to maximize our opportunities for greater levels of satisfaction and success in life.

Regardless of the circumstances that you are facing, you can begin to exercise your God-given authority over your life and choose to be and do different. You have this power. You don't have to wait on someone else to give you permission to succeed in life. The potential dwelling in you is waiting for you to give it permission to show up in your life. Take action today. My workbook can help you successfully navigate your path. STAND UP for YOUR DREAMS and MAKE THEM YOUR REALITY.

It's Your Move~Aspire Higher

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