Beware of Assumptions

Positive change is always the result of a shift in one’s consciousness and perception of what’s possible. It is this shift or reframing of our perception of a circumstance that fuels us with the initial inspiration and motivation to take inspired action towards our dreams and goals. With our desired experiences in mind, we must be willing to call ourselves on “our stuff” and begin to be mindful of how our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions create empowering or dis-empowering experiences in our life. As we cultivate self-awareness and self-management skills we increase our capacity to actualize more of our potential.

Something to Think About

1.   Recall a recent experience in which your assumptions led you to believe something that was not accurate. How did you reach this assumption? Was it based solely on what you thought? Or, was the assumption fueled by the opinions of others?

2.    What are the assumptions that you have about the probability of achieving the dreams and goals that you would love to experience in life? What are your assumptions based on? How is this assumption motivating or de-motivating you towards your dreams and goals?

3.   What are three actions you can take to reduce patterns of thoughts that are hindering you from experiencing your dreams and goals?

4.   What actions have you taken recently to challenge limited assumptions about what you can do and experience in life?

5.  Recall a time in which you achieved or experienced something that you really wanted. Identify the thoughts, behaviors and emotions that led to this experience. Allow this pattern of thoughts and habits serve as a framework that evolves over time as you create greater success in your life.

It’s Your Move ~ Inspire Higher

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