Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Power of Short-term Wins

In your efforts to create positive change take a hint from highly successful people: they create short-term wins. Successful people recognize the power of short-term wins on their motivation and momentum towards long-term goals. Short-term wins nourishes self-assurance and provides emotional rewards that keeps you moving forward and critics at bay. Short-term wins need to be visible, timely and meaningful achievements to reinforce your faith that you can make “it” happen.

Short-term wins serve four immediate purposes:

  • Short-term wins provide you feedback on the effectiveness of your actions. Positive feedback validates your vision and strategies.
  • Short-term wins provides you with inspiration towards the vision that’s propelling you forward.
  • Short-term wins attracts help from others. People love to be associated with success.
  • Short-term wins quiets the naysayers. Results quiets cynics.

Without short-term wins, long-term goal achievements rarely happen because you don’t possess the motivation and persistence required to go the distance. With short-term wins you will maintain the optimism and energy to keep striving towards taking inspired action that leads you to live your dreams.

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