One of the Best Things You Can Do to Succeed

In his book, The One Thing You Need to Know...About Great Managing, Great Leading and Sustained Individual Success. Marcus Buckingham uses recent advances in cognitive science to inform readers that the best thing you can do to succeed is to focus your mental and emotional energies on your successes in the past and the patterns that created it. He infers that for you to be successful in life you have to “discover your strengths and cultivate them.”

He provides the reader with a list of questions to prime your self-awareness of what thoughts, emotions and behavior has contributed to past success.  He states, “The more you investigate past successes, the more you’ll recognize the certain recurring patterns of behavior or perceptions that always seem to crop us.” He goes on to say, “If you get enough distance from yourself-you’ll see that these patterns are a consistent part of your personality – that you’re most successful whenever these strengths mesh perfectly with the challenges facing you.”

In my new book,Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook: Exercises, Self-Tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve Life and Career Goals, the clue-in exercises outlined throughout the book helps you to identify your innate strengths and passions. It is my belief that when we focus on what we can do, the mental, emotional and physical energy we need to face our challenges and opportunities with greater self-assurance becomes available to us.

“These patterns, says Buckingham, are your strengths –and since they are a function of the way your brain is wired, you are likely to be blessed with them your entire life. Overtime –you may learn to channel them more productively and deploy them with greater sophistication. Current brain science suggests that during the course of your life these patterns will become more pronounce that strong synaptic branches tend to become stronger still.”

In my book,Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook: Exercises, Self-Tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve Life and Career Goals, I share with readers how to finish strong towards their goals with the application of the DRIVE 5 Advantage methodology. The five-step framework of proactive actions represents the pattern of thought and actions that have and continues to empower me to take inspired action and create positive change in life. These actions evolved over the span of my life. Making the connection to them allows me to share this simple five-step method with others in my presentations, books and articles so that they are empowered with a proven framework that creates positive change. The DRIVE 5 Advantage framework helps you to establish smart thinking and smart habits necessary for you to excel and live your best life.

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