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Excerpt: Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook

The Power of Goal Setting

Life does not always go as plan, for many, this is the reason that they use for not planning out what they would like to achieve in life. There is no such thing as a “perfect time” to start any endeavor. There is always going to be challenges and unexpected events that occur in life. This is going to happen rather you are pursuing your goals or not. I want you to think about that for a moment. Five years from now, you will be older and you will have had to deal with unexpected events. How much better will you feel about yourself and your life to know that during those five years while situation after situation occurred and you handled them the best that you could, at the same time you were making strides to create the future that you are living. How cool would that be?

Move On from the Status Quo

Your attitude in a situation always impacts the meaning you attach to an experience and that meaning or perception you hold of the circumstance influences your response to it. Maybe, you attempted to achieve some goals in the past and things did not work out as well as you had hoped. Instead of getting disappointed again, you decided to just go with the flow. But now you are realizing that the “go with the flow” mentality is not making you feel or do better in life. You know it is time for change in your life. It is time that you stop playing small and become all that God has purposed and planned for you to be.

Realities of Your New Path

Yes, you are going to encounter roadblocks and countless distractions thattempt you to pull off the path you have determined to be the best for achieving the success you want in life. Everyone who has ever pursued anything worthwhile has had to deal with this reality. That’s why I provide you with strategies in this workbook to develop your GRIT. The more of it you have the less likely you will stray from your intended purposes in life. You will experience critics and naysayers whose sole purpose in your life is to either provide you with constructive criticism so that you can step up your game or share destructive criticism to distract and dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. It is up to you to stand up for your dreams. There is no other way that they are going to happen. No amount of wishing and hoping can replace consistent action over time towards specific goals.

A Different Approach to Goal Achievement

When you seek advice from those you trust and respect, it is important that you approach the conversation from a state of power. You are not asking for permission to succeed. You question is not, “Can you make your dream happen”; you want to know “how can you make your dream happen.” These questions reflect two different approaches. When seeking information from others with the attitude that “this is what I want to do and I’m seeking your advice as to how to make it happen” instead of, “I was thinking about doing this, do you think it’s possible that I can make this happen” the information and advice that you receive will be based on how you frame your questions. Asking from the vantage point of “how can I make this happen” empowers you to take inspired action. The manner in which you ask questions in life affects the quality of your answers and solutions.

The Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook helps you navigate a road map for success with the belief that you can achieve your goal. The step-by-step guide supports your success with exercises, self-tests and winning strategies that increase your confidence, self-awareness and the development of personal habits critical to your success. The Success Becomes You Workbook: Exercises, Self-Tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve Life and Work Goals is available for purchase on

It's Your Move~Aspire Higher

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