Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook Desciption

A single mother of two children is hired by Marriott Hotels as a housekeeper. Over the next ten years, she successfully navigates the company’s corporate terrain and becomes an award-winning leader and General Manager.

What does she have in common with you? She had a desire to experience a more meaningful and successful life. She refused to accept “expert” opinions that she and her children would become a statistic of poverty. She achieved success by developing her faith in God and in herself. She recognized the need for greater self-awareness and self-management if she was going to set herself up for success.

In Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook, award-winning business leader Jackie Capers-Brown provides a step-by-step guide of the critical success factors which enabled her to create and execute a roadmap for her career success. Along the way, she recognized that the success she experienced in her work life was having a tremendous impact on her success in other aspects of her life. Success breeds success.

The workbook includes insights from her personal and professional life to build your self-confidence. She created the Clue-In self-discovery exercises to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and areas needing improvement. They reinforce her personal philosophy, “know yourself to grow yourself.”

The workbook also provides you with the Success Becomes You™ Weekly Scorecard, an accountability tool that will help you focus your energies and resources towards activities that leads to the achievement of your goals. The weekly scorecard also shines a light on activities that drains you of the energy and resources necessary to accomplish your goals.

It’s no fairy tale…dreams do come true. You can achieve the success you desire in life and work. At its core, Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook contains an empowering message: Your success in life is determined by your commitment to developing the self-awareness and self-management skills that are crucial to empowering you to adapt to changing environments and circumstances. With an eye on your goals you will then be able to position yourself to better manage the challenges of life and work to experience greater success in life.

The Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook: Excercises, Self-Tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve Life and Career Goals is available now at and available on, April 3, 2012.

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