Monday, March 19, 2012

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

     I was afraid of heights and afraid of flying on a plane.  The two go hand and hand, so, why didn't my fears stop me in 1990 from boarding an American Airline plane, my first flight in the air, to Raleigh, NC  as a member of the Courtyard by Marriott Mid-Atlantic opening hotel task team?  How was I able to wave  good-bye to my two small children as I prepared to board a plane that would take me to my next professional growth opportunity?  On the wings of prayer, faith  and my ability to effectively manage my fear because I had a compelling "why" . 

     If I had allowed my feelings of fear to dictate my actions, I would not have been able to seize this professional growth opportunity.  After this assignment, I was promoted into my next management position with the Courtyard division and elected to become a member of the division's Diversity Council.  The exposure that I received from taking advantage of this opportunity was a tremendous boost to my spiritual and professional growth.

     When I consider some of the hard decisions I've made since my first flight on an airplane, I can connect the dots to how this experience served to encourage steps of faith I've taken in various aspects of my life to experience better in my lfie.  I decided that I would rather face my fears then to live my life afraid. My willingness to face my fear of flying each time I board a plane has provided me with life experiences that are priceless.  Facing my fear allowed me to enlarge my level of joy as I explored various cities as a tourist.  Traveling enlarges your view of the world and exposes you to new experiences that often enlarges what you think is possible in life.

     What would you pursue if you weren't afraid?  It's okay to feel fear.  It is not okay to allow a fear to dominant your life to the point that it immobilizes and prevents you from taking the necessary action to achieve your goals and aspirations.  I know from my experiences of facing my fear of driving, to flying in an airplane to speaking in public, it is often easier said than done to conqueor a fear.  But it can be done. I'm living proof.

     Who says that you can not be all that you believe you can be? Stop listening to the opinions of those who haven't attempted to do what you want to do. Find someone who is doing what you want and get their advice as to "how you can" do what you believe is meant for you to do. Walk by FAITH and not by sight. All that is possible with your life can only be created when you approach life from a place of courage. If the way you do things now does not work try another way. Keep trying until you find the way that works. Don't change your desired end, adapt the means it takes to achieve your goal.Don't let people or circumstances discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Be careful of whose report that you believe, allow God's word to have the final say as to what is possible in your life! Remain steadfast in your FAITH to see the manifestation of your VICTORY!

It's Your Move~Aspire Higher