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Create a Life That Works for You

You didn't start out discontent with life. As a child you were eager, excited, always ready for what the day may bring. But some how you lost your way. Instead of enjoying your life, including your job, your daily routine has come to feel like it's more of a drudgery on your time, energy, and resources then a delight to your human spirit, senses, and talents. Over the years, the voices of well-meaning folks, the barrage of noise coming from countless media platforms, and the chatter of your own mind has resulted in self-talk which criticizes you more so than it encourages and builds your self-assurance and hope that better is doable by you. You are not alone.

Chances are you're reading this blog with the hope that you'll discover a nugget of truth that will satisfy that yearning within you to experience a life which reflects more of what you want. This blogs' goal is to help you connect to what is already present and "create sparks" so that your next moves begin to reflect more of what you want in life. You have what you need to make this happen. The demands and rat race of an adult life has disconnected you from your sense of power. You, like so many of us, has pushed your dreams aside for the sake of more pressing adult responsibilities. But who says, that you can't manage your adult duties and carve out time to take small steps towards realizing some of your dreams. Wouldn't you feel better about your life? Of course you would. And I can help you create a workable Roadmap for Success customized by you, and for you, to achieve goals and objectives relative to your particular situation.

The beauty of life is that no matter how far you may feel you're off course, you'll always hold the key to getting it back on track and heading in a better direction. That key, your power, rests in your free will to choose today the response you will have towards your situation. What you did yesterday was done yesterday. Each day brings with it a fresh state of grace from God to start anew. And to choose to do better.

You haven't played your best shot. Yes, you may have to step up your game by polishing your skills and developing new ones but it ain't over until God says its over. Period. The best of us get stuck from time to time. Hell, I've majored in it so many times that now I specialize in coaching others devise strategic personal growth plans to comeback from setbacks.

Sometimes it only takes a little help to gather our footing and self-assurance to move forward in life. That help can come from making a phone call to a good friend, mentor, or family member. It can also come from a lifestyle coach who can be both objective and supportive of your desire to create progress in your life.

Success happens when someone "holds up a mirror" and shows you how much more you are capable of, and supports you to make it happen. As a personal and professional lifestyle coach, that's what I do best. Check out my new book, Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook: Exercises, Self-Tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve Life and Career Goals. It's a step-by-step guide with an inside-out approach to goal setting and success in life.

It's Your Move~Aspire Higher

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