Why Should You Exceed the Expectations of Others?

There's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

What simple gestures in your present relationships can you begin to take that would exceed the expectations of the individuals involved? The actions that you consider will be most effective "if" they are based on accurate knowledge of the needs and wants of the individuals in question, and "not" based on your assumptions. Exceeding the expectations of others creates favorable impressions of you in their hearts and minds.

Consider your relationships in your workplace. How can you exceed the expectation of your current position in a way that contributes to the success of your work team and boss? The effective execution of tasks that fall beyond the normal realm of your responsibilities would be considered exceeding the expectations for your position. At work, as you build your reputation of being someone who knows what it takes and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, others will take notice. Exceeding expectations in the workplace sets you apart from those who are resigned to doing "just enough" to get by.

In all of your relationships, consistent acts of empathy and compassion nourishes the receipient's mental and emotional well-being. This increases the level of harmony experienced in relationships. No where is this so apparent than in your home life. The energy of your  home is directly linked to the compassion and empathy that is shared among those dwelling in the space. Regardless of how "fine" someone may say they are, the energy that the person projects and the energy that inhabits their spaces can be felt by others and "it" speaks the truth.

How often do molehill problems become mountain challenges all because the individuals in a relationship prefer to be right instead of actually solving the problem? I'm sure there are marriage counselors who would answer this question with an answer along the lines as," more times than I care to count". Yet, when you and I are guilty of this behaviorm, over and over, there should be no wonder that emotional distances begins to creep into our relationships. Many of the challenges we face in our relationships are not black and white, "all right" or "all wrong". There are so many grey areas in the solutions to challenges we face in our relationships simply because there are so many available "good" options to choose from.

Developing the habit of exceeding the expectations of those you are in relationships with  has a way of cultivating fertile soil in the hearts and minds of others that produces harvests beyond all that you can think and imagine. There is no logic to where the ripple ends......

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