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What's Your Future Relationship Needs?

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Your consistent efforts towards the establishment and development of effective relationships both personal and professional should remain a priority in your life. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, you will always need people. This fact will never change regardless of changes in your income, position,possessions or status in life.

People prefer to do business with people they like and trust. That will always be the case. So it is important that you not only develop relationships based on your current stage in life, you need to develop the foresight to consider your relationship needs in the future. This increases your ability to recognize the importance of developing relationships with a diverse range of individuals. In all of your relationships, you should make it a point to contribute or add something of value that increases the emotional deposits made into the relationship. In other words, don't head to your next networking function, attempting to meet and greet people only for the purpose of adding to your contact list of prospective clients. Why would you expect for someone to do business with you out of the blue, if you don't come recommended by someone who has done the work to cultivate a relationship with them and the only contact they've had with you was at a social function months ago? Depending on their line of work or the request you're making, many won't. This is a reality of life.

People care about people who care about them and/or care about what they care about. So you've got to create and execute a strategy that exposes you to individuals and environments necessary for you to experience progress at every stage of your life. One of the most important bit of advice I ever received was given to me by one of my bosses, he said, "It's best to make friends when you don't need them, so that when you do, you'll always have a range of resources to call upon when you are in need". I never forgot his wise advice. Your strategy should consist of activities that demonstrate a sincere concern for "causes" besides yourself. Just be careful that you maintain a balance with any additional activities outside of your primary roles. Too often, I've witnessed people getting addicted to the opinions of others that they say "yes" to far too many activities when they should have politely declined. It would have eliminated a lot of stress that they actually brought upon themselves.

Once you establish a reputation as someone who has a genuine interests in the well-being of others AND the contribution of your knowledge, skills and ideas adds value to specific purposes, you are on your way to building and nourishing relationships that can eventually lead to the development of sponsorship. Personal sponsors provide advice, support and resources as you take on new roles and responsibilities. It's not just who you know that matters, it's what they know about you that really matters. And hopefully what they know casts you in the best light.

It's Your Move ~ Aspire Higher

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