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If It Had Not Been For...LOVE

What was the key that unlocked your mind and opened your heart to receive the sweet nectar of faith through the unction of LOVE? Do you remember this moment? What was your your mental and emotional state at the time? What were the circumstances in your life that triggered you  to call out to LOVE? In that moment, "if it had not been" for the combination of both internal and external pressure, how would you have ever known the power of LOVE to liberate your full potential?

With every act of faith into the unknown, the gift of experience has disclosed the strength of your character, and your "will" to win, and the faithfulness of LOVE. In the midst of dark places, faith projected the light of LOVE, inspiring new possibilities. In the shadow of pain from loss, faith encouraged by the promises of LOVE, inspired you to speak VICTORY even before it was visible to your natural eye. In moments of emotional heaviness, faith in LOVE asked you to, "take on my yoke, for it is easy and light". In times of anxiety, faith soothed you with LOVE, comforting you with a peace that surpasses all understanding. When decisions had to be made and you weren't always clear about the next step, LOVE assured you that if you asked for wisdom, you would receive an answer..divinely designed for you!

As a result of experiencing the faithfulness of LOVE, you stand today firm in your confidence with an audacity of HOPE that leaves no one doubting what and who you believe. You know if it had not been for LOVE and the good plan He has to bless and prosper you, you wouldn't have had the vast opportunities to develop the seeds of greatness within your potential. If it had not been for LOVE, you wouldn't have developed the level of compassion you demonstrate towards others whose journey travels similar life paths.

Today, as you grow into and manifest the full expression of LOVE, you rise up and mirror your best self by forgiving those who trespass against you, praying for those who despitefully use and curse you, and loving your neighbor as you love yourself. You are able to do this and more because you know LOVE abides with you at all times. When you think about your story, your heart swells with gratitude. You may not be where you want to be, but you're sure not where you use to be. You are making progress. And some progress is better than no progress. As you go about your daily activities today, keep a tender heart towards others, knowing full well that LOVE desires to express HIMSELF through you so that they can embark upon experiences designed by LOVE to bring out the best in them. Because LOVE first loved you and continues to love you, share HIS LOVE with others. I encourage you to remain thankful and humble, knowing full well how different your life may have been, "if it had not been for...LOVE".

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