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If It Had Not Been For...LOVE

What was the key that unlocked your mind and opened your heart to receive the sweet nectar of faith through the unction of LOVE? Do you remember this moment? What was your your mental and emotional state at the time? What were the circumstances in your life that triggered you  to call out to LOVE? In that moment, "if it had not been" for the combination of both internal and external pressure, how would you have ever known the power of LOVE to liberate your full potential?

With every act of faith into the unknown, the gift of experience has disclosed the strength of your character, and your "will" to win, and the faithfulness of LOVE. In the midst of dark places, faith projected the light of LOVE, inspiring new possibilities. In the shadow of pain from loss, faith encouraged by the promises of LOVE, inspired you to speak VICTORY even before it was visible to your natural eye. In moments of emotional heaviness, faith in LOVE asked you to, "take on my yoke, for …