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Awaken the King in YOU!

Two years ago, our nation and the world witnessed the historic event of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. With this trust came great opportunity, responsibility and challenges. From the near collapse of major financial institutions, and automotive companies that required Federal bail-out money, to the housing industry and double-digit unemployment, which left many Americans homeless and jobless, President Obama took office at the peak of the Great Recession. In the face of brutal realities, President Obama persuaded Americans to trust that his leadership would usher in "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE"! Throughout his campaign for the Presidency, he referred often to what "WE" can do together to create the change so many of us longed for.  Two years later, President Obama continues to demonstrate a unwavering resolve to stay the course of creating positive change, in the face of great challenges and opposition. What about you?

All that is necessary for the tri…

Baby Steps Can Lead to Better!

I was living a mental and emotional hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. After experiencing the unexpected death of my fourteen-year old son, Blease in 1995, my life as I knew it no longer existed.

Prior to his death, I had experienced an explosion of personal and professional growth as I created my management career with Marriott Hotels. With committed effort and the help of many mentors along the way, I worked my way up from an hourly position into a management with Marriott's Courtyard division, eventually landing a GM's position with its Fairfield Inn division in 1995. I celebrated the fact that I had beaten the odds that seemed against me as a teenage mother. Six months after my promotion, my son died.

The Value of a Proper Perspective

There's a familiar saying, "it's not what happens to you, but the meaning you attach to what happens to you that matters most." This is evident in many families, as siblings experiencing the same home environment often interpreting their childhood experience different from one another. In some situations, the storytelling of a particular experience can be worlds apart in its interpretation. In some matters, it can be a small detail that is forgotten or overlooked. In other matters, the interpretation of an experience fueled by deep emotions can affect how one sibling "see" their home as warm and supportive, while another sibling "see" it cold and discouraging.
     The difference in the meanings associated with how each child perceived love, support and encouragement from their family circle growing up plays a critical role in the development of quality relationships as an adolescent and in their adult life. The "meaning" they'…

Leave Nothing to Chance

In the January 2011 edition of Black Enterprise Magazine, CEO, Earl G. Graves, Jr. writes in his Executive Memo, “some(people) are waiting to wake up from the nightmare(The Great Recession and sluggish recovery) hoping for a return to an era when credit was readily available, jobs were plentiful, and individuals spent freely. I’m here to tell you those days are never coming back. You need to fully embrace today’s economic and financial realities.”

     In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins writes, “You absolutely cannot make a series of good decisions without first confronting the brutal facts.” Are you ready to confront the truth or continue to bury your head in the sand regarding your current state of affairs? Are you leaving your progress in this New Year to chance or happenstance or do you have a plan of action to create your desired progress?

     Too often we miss God’s best because we spend too much time focusing on “what was” or “what we don’t have” versus focusing on w…