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Reclaim Your Power!

Each one of us, regardless of race, gender, position and possessions has an innate need to be validated by others. From our parents, teachers, friends, bosses to significant others, all of us want those that we love and care about to demonstrate through their words and deeds, that we’re important, we want to know that they think that we’re okay.

Yet, for so many of us, we mask this need, somehow thinking that no one will recognize our deception. In our attempts to appear strong, before others and in our quiet moments alone, we lose sight of a powerful and simple truth. We were designed by our Creator to need others. The simple truth is… its okay to want other people to approve of us. It’s okay that other people validate us. It increases our self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of personal power. When is it not okay? It’s not okay when our dependency on having someone’s validation of our worth results in us compromising our personal truths and values. When this happens, we begin to create relationships and situations which rarely work out in our best interest.

Several months ago, as I began to contemplate the dawning of a future birthday, I began to earnestly pray and seek the wisdom necessary to help guide my actions as I moved towards aligning my passions with what I believe to be my life’s purpose. During this time period, I had conversations with supportive friends and mentors, conducted research on several career possibilities and finally concluded that I could combine my love for business and my passion for social causes by becoming a social entrepreneur.

Today, as the Owner and CEO of The SaySo Group, I have redefined the business of my small business. I consider it not only a blessing but a privilege to serve others in this leadership capacity.  When I began to consider my personal challenges, adversities and victories, I realized the importance for The SaySo Group to provide products and services that are relevant and relatable to what is happening in the lives of women, men and children, now. If I am going to be a successful social entrepreneur, I must offer real solutions to social issues that spark my passion and aligns with my life’s purpose.

During the months of July thru September 2010, the local news in Columbia, SC profiled several stories about fatalities associated with Domestic Violence. I thought about the destructive nature of Domestic Violence. It steals your hope, kills dreams, and destroys human potential. It is what Domestic Violence attempted to do in my life. Fortunately, I was thrown a life line when my sister, Sallie, asked me to attend a worship service conducted by the late Pastor Cynthia DeBerry of Abundant Life Ministries in Columbia, SC.

Through the teaching of God’s word and its day to day application, I began to nourish the measure of faith that dwells within each of us. The relevance of God’s word to my personal life watered my faith and became the catalyst that would move me from a victim mentality into a victorious mentality. As I began to take small steps of reconnecting to the power of my spirit and soul, I was able to for the first time in many years I begin to experience confidence in myself and my abilities.

After several attempts to make the relationship better, including marriage, I decided on May 29, 1991, I would no longer compromise my sense of self-worth and self-respect for a relationship. I could continue to live in the fear of many unknowns or I could trust that my faith would sustain me. It has. I know firsthand the impact a helping hand can have on your life, especially if you have been masking the truth of your reality, concerned about other people’s approval. I know that when we compromise our truth, we compromise our sense of personal power in and over our life. Yes, God the Father is in control, and yet we are free moral agents.

We have the freedom to choose life or death. We have the freedom to choose what we allow in our lives. This includes how we allow others to treat us. This awareness transformed my outlook on life and me. We have the freedom and power to choose which thoughts, emotions and behaviors we will entertain and give center stage in our life.

Sadly many women, especially teens and young adult women do not have this awareness within the core of their being. Many accept less than because they have been conditioned by people or circumstances to believe that that is all they are worthy of or that it is all that's possible. The devil is a liar. Every woman can activate her authority in her life to gain a greater sense of personal power. She doesn’t have to feel as if she is unworthy, not enough, not smart enough, not able to live the life that calls out to her in her dreams and passions. Every woman, man and child has God’s stamp of approval.

Today, as the host of The Power of You! Empowerment Workshop for Women, I am proud of The SaySo Group’s commitment to providing relevant empowerment products and services, but I am much more grateful to have the opportunity to create empowerment events such as The Power of You! Empowerment Workshop for Women. This series of workshops donates ten percent of its ticket sales to Sistercare, to help support the agency’s services to battered women, men and children.

You have a choice today. As a participant in the upcoming empowerment event, The Power of You! Workshop for Women, you can make a positive difference in the life of a woman, man or child who seeks services and support from Sistercare. Your investment in your spiritual and personal growth pays dividends as you sow seeds in the lives of others. Join us as we reclaim our power! Register and Be Inspired. Visit, for additional information and online registration.

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