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I Am My Sister's Keeper

In 1991, I decided that I had enough.  I decided to take back the control of my life when I separated from my husband.  With two children and mounting debts, this decision was made with much fear and concern about my financial well-being.  The relationship had been plagued off and on with bouts of Domestic Violence.  For a year I often pondered to myself, "why did I stay so long"?  During the two years after my separation, I spent a great amount of time reflecting on the choices that led up to the relationship and my experiences of Domestic Violence.  I came to recognize that each moment I failed to honor my personal truths, I chose to compromise what I "felt" to be in my best interest for the sake of staying in the relationship.  Each of these moments were a reflection of what I was beginning to believe about myself and what was possible in my life.

     For a period of several years, despite the fact that I was in my early 20's, I had already began to t…