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Great Expectations

JOEL OSTEEN - LIFE LIFT - EXPERIENCE THE GOODNESS OF GOD / 4 DISC SETAs children we looked forward to Christmas because of the gifts we expected to receive.  What are your expectations in your relationship with the Lord?  This morning I listened to a message by Joel Osteen in which he encouraged his congregation and television viewing audience to begin to expect the goodness of God right NOW!  He explained that many of us have faith to believe God for the "future" but so many more of us lack the boldness to believe that God is a right NOW God.

As I listened to his message I began to recall moments throughout my life in which God's favor and goodness was present in the "NOW".  I have lived in a season of great personal and professional growth and witnessed how my spiritual foundation enabled me to be victorious over my challenges.  I have also lived in a season in my life in which it seemed as if there was "no" personal or professional growth and again my spiritual foundation enabled me to be victorious over my challenges.

My victories didn't always happen overnight or in the same day but several did.  The day I buried my fourteen-year old son, Blease I was empowered with a peace of mind that I had never experienced in my life.  It was through this grace of God I did not lose my mind in the midst of my greatest challenge.  When I lived in Wilmington, in 2007 my apartment complex was flooded resulting in my entire buildng having to be evacuated.  Based on the few vacancies that the apartment complex had on the day of this event, I was initially told that they wouldn't have enough apartments for many of us.  I remembered walking back into my apartment feeling scared and alone, unsur of what my next step would be.  As I began to consider which of my friends I could possibly move in with on a temporary basis, I decided that I had to take some action.

When I walked outside to go get in my car, the assistant manager of the complex walked up to me and stated that "one of the tenants had declined to move into the last available apartment because it was upstairs and she was an elderly woman.  I was next on the list, as having lived in the complex the longest and so she asked me if I wanted the apartment."  I hugged her neck and broke down and cried. I was relieved in knowing that AGAIN God had met my immediate need.  He didn't wait until the next day or the next week.  His help was present in that moment.

Today, as I press towards the path of purpose I believe he has planned for my life, this event continues to reassure me that God is our help in moments of our greatest need.  Many times that may require that we first take steps of faith towards a solution or goal and he empowers us to succeed OR he gives us our heart desire without asking him directly.  As there are endless possibilities of the challenges we will face in life we have to "believe" and "trust" that God has endless possibilities of how he will meet our needs.

I want to encourage you to today as Joel encouraged me this morning to expect to see the goodness of God, NOW in your life. Renew your mind with scripture that provides evidence of the magnitude of the God we believe and serve.  Throughout scripture we are reminded that "we have not because we ask not" and "according to our faith it shall be done unto you".  We have to keep our thinking in alignment with God's word to boldly declare and expect the manifestation of his promises in our everyday life.  I've decided to set my mind daily on the channel that encourages me to believe that TODAY God's goodness is chasing me down and his favor functions as a shield in my life. It is my prayer that today and everyday you begin to tune into the frequency of having great expectations as to God's goodness in your life.

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