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Reposition Yourself ~ Don't Miss Your Moment

Before my trip to Pigeon Forge on Good Friday in 2010, I contemplated if I was ever going to become a published author. For years, most of the people who know me personally have heard me saying at what time or another, "One day, I'm going to be a published author."  Yet for years, I've used one excuse after another as to why I couldn't complete the first book, never mind the others that are to be in succession of it.  How did I ever think that I was going to complete a series of empowerment books if I couldn't finish the first one? From not having the time to not having the money or motivation, year after year I said I wanted to be a published author and year after year passed by without even a final manuscript.  I was always editing whatever I had written trying my best to get it down to the naked bones.

So after arriving in Pigeon Forge, I began to notice that my attention was much more focused.  I am pretty sure now that my level of concentration was a co…