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Travel a Path of Purpose

The Purpose Driven Life (Hardcover)On Good Friday, I traveled to Pigeon Forge for a weekend in the mountains with members of my family. Little did I know that I would encounter and be reminded of so many life lessons in a 4-day experience.  For the start, since I've been 7 or 8 years old, I've been scared of traveling around mountains because of a class trip on a  Greyhound that left me so terrified I was almost speechless.  Those who know me, KNOW that for me to be almost speechless... I had to be afraid.  That would mean that I had to have little or nothing to say and unless I'm sleep, praying or meditating rarely is it that I have NOTHING to say.

So on the wings of my faith and the reminder of how it has been my faith that's given me the courage to face and overcome other fears i.e. driving a car, flying on a plane, and public speaking I placed my trust in God and agreed to take the trip.  I agreed to take the trip...I didn't agree to drive the entire trip going to Pigeon Forge.  Under the circumstances that I found choice would have been to drive or stay home.
So I took over the rented Ford Escape and proceeded towards The Great Smokey Mountains traveling
I-26W to 40W.

We had use of a GPS system...the would not recalculate the detour route that we had to take because of the rock slide from over a month ago.  Unfamiliar with the highway, I stopped at 5 gas stations and received inaccurate information.  I asked a police office on one occassion how to get to Pigeon Forge when we were in the upper part of NC, he had no clue.  We traveled through so many small towns I forgot their names.  We purchased a paper atlas, which back in the day I was highly skilled in using, somehow on Friday the highway lines all seemed to go around in circles.

But get this, I had three other licensed drivers traveling in the vehicle with me and my nephew.  Why did a trip that should have taken at the most 6 hours take 9.5 hours?  Where will the path that you are currently on take your life? With every decision and action you are creating your reality.  Make sure it is a reality you can live with.  When you live a purpose driven life, the clarity that you receive from knowing what it is that you want to experience supports your decsions and actions. In the days to follow, I will post the life lessons that came as a result of this trip and hopefully you will gain some insight from my lessons. Until the next time....

Success Becomes You!

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