You're Right Where You're Suppose To Be!

JOEL OSTEEN - LIFE LIFT - EXPERIENCE THE GOODNESS OF GOD / 4 DISC SETJOEL OSTEEN - LIFE LIFT - EXPERIENCE THE GOODNESS OF GOD / 4 DISC SET     Time sits still for no one.  Almost two years ago, I decided that I needed to move back to my hometown of Columbia, SC. I had spent all my money.  I was financially broke. After facing the reality of a depressed job market in Wilmington NC, I considered the employment options available and realized that the pickings were slim so I packed up my belongings, with the help of family members I relocated back home. I had no concrete plan...but I had a belief that if I could survive the journey of experiences I had lived though in Wilmington without the support of family and long lost life surely could not be any worse if I moved where I knew I would have unconditional support.

     I lived in Wilmington for thirteen years.  During that time I enjoyed a decade of  employment that resulted in my highest earnings to date in my life.  It was definite a difficult decision to leave the place that I consider to be my second home. In that time span I had suffered the death of a child, resigned from my GM position with the Fairfield Inn by Marriott division, worked as a GM for several fast-food and casual  restaurants, became a god mother to Jamya, mourned and reached a point of acceptance regarding my son't death, restored my relationship with God,experienced the end of a ten-year relationship, experienced a flood of my apartment from heavy rains that resulted in the apartment being condemned and moving on a moment's notice, and got a new purpose and vision for my life.
     To say that the past decade of my life has been a challenge would be an understatement however as I look back at it I've come to realize that all of those experiences have prepared me for the place that I am now in my life.  I remember speaking to personal coach Bobbi Gamma at our intial consultation about my life experiences after my son's death and she stated, "you're right where you are suppose to be" these words released me from thoughts that somehow because of my personal tragedy and professional challenges I was completely off track.

     Prior to this meeting with her, in my mind my life had been planned out as to where I would be at this particular stage in my life, never did I consider that I was right where I was suppose to be.  She encouraged me to trust the process and the path that I was now embarking upon for it would lead me to a purpose that would once again ignite my passion to live a life with the goal of making a difference in the lives of others.

     She was right.  On her suggestion I joined Toastmaster's International.  During the first year of my membership, a new vision of what was possible in my life began to unfold.  Words of encouragement from fellow club members restored my self-confidence and in doing so inspired me to consider professional options that I would have never seriously considered had it not been for their positive influence.  It was from a club member's suggestion of using my speeches which entailed the journey of my experiences from
my son's death as a basis for a book.  This suggestion would spark the desire in me to help others help themselves when faced with adversity.

     It has taken several years since I was a member of Toastmaster's but my dream of writing my first book will soon be a reality when it is self-published in July 2010.  If I had not trusted the process as Bobbie encouraged me to do, I do not believe that I would have stayed the course to see this dream of mine soon to be my reality.  I believe in my heart that the message in my book will resonate with individuals who not only have suffered setbacks but also for those who feel that their life is stuck and they want to do something about it.  For my life was stuck in a holding pattern for years after my son's death until God blessed me with the priviledge of becoming a god mother to Jamya Sade Warren.

     Today, is her ninth birthday.  Words alone cannot express the heartfelt gratitude that I have for her life.  For it was in her birth that I believe God provided me with the concrete lesson that time sits still for no one.  As I enjoyed my moments with her as a baby, her development into a toddler, to attending kindergarten to going to first grade, I was reminded me of how ALL of life is a process.  We are either growing or we are stagnant. After Jamya's birth, I began to restore my relationship with God, mourn the death of my son in a healthy way and shift my thoughts off of my loss and began to be more grateful for life.

     When I returned back to Columbia, I had high hopes that I would secure a management position with a local restaurant company after having had several phone interviews.  Once I finally relocated, I was told by the company's district manager that its company had initiated a hiring freeze.  And so I began to work various hourly positions just to get by.  In October 2009, I began to feel like I was settling for less when more was possible.  Despite the economy, moments of reflection resulted in me assessing what more I could do to create opportunties related to my life's purpose and passions.
    I knew that the completion of my book would offer me opportunities but I no longer felt I had to wait for that particular moment to start anew.  I love to write and so I started writing anywhere I could.  From Facebook, Twitter, Ezine articles and this blog I just continued to write.  It is in my writing that opportunity has begun to open doors for me to share my stories from life and business.  Today I know that I can trust this process and allow it to evolve because I'm right where I'm suppose to be.

    You might think that because of your present circumstances that you're life is completely off might have to make some adjustments...I want you to know today that there is nothing that you have or is experiencing that cannot be used by God for your greater good.  When we are going through a challenge we don't always see its connection to a bigger vision however I am a believer that when we pray for wisdom and guidance from Father God he will direct our paths.  And as we walk by faith the path before us, the purpose of all of our experiences begin to unfold pointing us towards our destiny.  Today I encourage you to believe that you're right where your're suppose to be to learn the lesson you need to take you to your next level of growth in life.  Father God is not stagnant...he allows circumstances in our life to grow our level upon the next level.

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