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Life's Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel     Did I live?  Did I love?  Did I matter?  These are the questions that led author Brendon Burchard to uncover his mission in life after a near fatal accident, when he was only 19 years old.  From that point, Brendon set out to discover how he could serve others by challenging each person to live out the great possibilities that exist within each of our lives.  At the end of this day, would you be able to answer yes to each of these questions?

     On December 21, 2009, my friend, my brother in Christ, Lawrence Bryant died.  His death awakened within me a burning desire to really consider how I was actually living out my life.  As I reflected on how I had spent the previous twelve months of my life, I wondered to myself if I had only one year to live would I continue to live my life as is... the answer came quick, NO. I decided that it would be a disservice to my life, my gifts and talents if I continued to major in the status quo.  At the time, I hadn't heard of Brendon Burchard, but I did know that within me there was this level of unrest that kept me up at night thinking about the possibilities that dwellt with my life.

     Had I experienced my best days?  Was I going to be one of those "older" folks that always talked about the good ole' days?  Yes, I had had some wonderful, life changing experiences in my younger days, but as I considered how precious my life, my days were to me I knew that I wanted to experience more in my NOW.  The desire to create experiences NOW that would enhance my present became more important to me.  I didn't just want to spend time with my family and friends, I wanted to engaged in experiences that created memories for a lifetime.  Memories that when I looked at a video or CD five or ten years later, still would make me smile and warm my heart.  I no longer wanted to work at a job that left me depleted at the end of the day without any real evidence of making a difference in the way I believed that I could. I want to work at doing what I love taping into that state of mind and place in which my genius resides. I decided that boldly taking the steps necessary to create this space in my life would add enourmous joy, happiness and fufillment keeping me grounded in my present as I design memories that one day will be considered the good ole' days.

     You might think to yourself that this is a selfish way of thinking but I beg to difference.  Our joy and happiness in life is greatly impacted by how in alignment our lives are with what our spirit hungers to experience.  Take writing for example, for some writers it's a task that they do just to get on through to their next project, a means to an end.  Writing is a means to an end...for me it is the oxygen for my creative spirit.  Having the capacity to key my thoughts into this blog, articles or my book allows my spirit to inhale and exhale.  It is when I am in my creative mind state that I feel most like the person I'm designed to be.  In this space and state of mind I serve the world the greatest with my gifts and talents.

     I want you to consider that place, that state of mind that increases your joy and happiness.  As adults we so often push aside our needs for the sake of responsibility. We maintain the attitude that enjoying our lives is something that we will eventually do once we pay off this debt or achieve this goal. Stop putting off enjoying your life NOW.  You can begin today to take small steps that will increase your joy and allow you to follow your bliss.  To do so you will need to schedule it otherwise following that which adds to your bliss will be put on the backburner as URGENT matters take center stage and dominate your attention.  It is possible that you can have the joy of the Lord in the midst of trying circumstances.  It begins with the belief that it is possible in your life.  Only then will you remain open to experiences that promote enjoying your everday life.

You have NOW.  At the end of the day, at the end of your life how much you lived your life, how much you loved in life and how much of a difference you made in the lives of others is dependent upon what you do NOW.  As you begin to take steps that lead to living your life more fully, loving others in a way that they never doubt it and making the lives of others better, you will discover Your Life's Golden Ticket!

It's Your Move!

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