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Follow your Bliss

Did I live?  Did I love?  Did I matter?  These are the questions that led author Brendon Burchard to uncover his mission in life after a near fatal accident, when he was only 19 years old.  From that point, Brendon set out to discover how he could serve others by challenging each person to live out the great possibilities that exist within each of our lives.  At the end of this day, would you be able to answer yes to each of these questions?

     On December 21, 2009, my friend, my brother in Christ, Lawrence Bryant died.  His death awakened within me a burning desire to really consider how I was actually living out my life.  As I reflected on how I had spent the previous twelve months of my life, I wondered to myself if I had only one year to live would I continue to live my life as is... the answer came quick, NO. I decided that it would be a disservice to my life, my gifts and talents if I continued to major in the status quo.  At the time, I hadn't heard of Brendon Burcha…

The Advantage of Adversity-The DRIVE5 Story

When you’ve hit rock bottom any effort towards better is a step in the right direction. From a place of quiet desperation, Jackie Capers- Brown found herself contemplating if she would ever be able to regroup and regain her footing after experiencing the unexpected death of her fourteen-year-old son, Blease Jr. in 1995. Having experienced numerous deaths in life from her parents to two siblings all before the age of twenty, there combined deaths did not have the profound impact on her life as her son’s death. How do you get your life back on track after it has been derailed? This question resonated in her spirit and soul day after day as she thought about the fact that her mother died nine months after her brother Arthur was murdered. As a teenager, she remembered thinking that the death of a child had the power to kill you from a broken spirit. It became her greatest fear.

     For years she set on the sidelines of life after Blease’s death, going through the motions but truly …

You're Right Where You're Suppose To Be!

JOEL OSTEEN - LIFE LIFT - EXPERIENCE THE GOODNESS OF GOD / 4 DISC SET     Time sits still for no one.  Almost two years ago, I decided that I needed to move back to my hometown of Columbia, SC. I had spent all my money.  I was financially broke. After facing the reality of a depressed job market in Wilmington NC, I considered the employment options available and realized that the pickings were slim so I packed up my belongings, with the help of family members I relocated back home. I had no concrete plan...but I had a belief that if I could survive the journey of experiences I had lived though in Wilmington without the support of family and long lost life surely could not be any worse if I moved where I knew I would have unconditional support.

     I lived in Wilmington for thirteen years.  During that time I enjoyed a decade of  employment that resulted in my highest earnings to date in my life.  It was definite a difficult decision to leave the place that I consider to…