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Live Life Without Speed Bumps!

If you eliminated preconceived limitations of what was possible in your life - how much more would you accomplish? While I lived in Wilmington, NC, the management of my apartment complex had all the speed bumps removed to prepare the parking areas for paving. Up until that time, for four years I had driven over two speed bumps before I reached the parking spaces in front of my building. The first few days after the speed bumps were removed I noticed that in spite of this fact, I continued to slow down as I approached the areas in which the speed bumps were once placed. It took several days before I began to drive without concern for a speed bump slowing me down. As if a light bulb went off in my mind, I thought -was there any area in my life that I had slowed down or come to a complete stop because I passively accepted that I should?

What about you? Are you currently maintaining the momentum required to achieve your goals or have you allowed  mental or emotional "speed bumps" to slow you down or worst bring you to a complete stop? Each of us from time to time has probably been told "NO" to an idea or goal that we desire to make happen. Maybe it was a teacher, a spouse, friend or boss. Depending on their level of influence, many of us may have accepted what they said as the "gospel truth" without considering if they were qualified to determine if we can or can not achieve what we desire.

Years ago, when I started talking about becoming a motivational speaker, most of the people that I spoke to about this idea could not understand how it could become a profitable venture. At the time I was working for Marriott Hotel as the GM of a million dollar plus hotel. None of those that I spoke to at the time could understand why I would consider risking my "job security". It was the illusion of "job security" that created the desire within me to take a more active role in the amount of income I was capable of generating by my direct efforts. I began to doubt if my dream was possible and eventually put my dream on the back burner while I continued to work building other people businesses.

It was not until 2003 after becoming a member of a Toastmasters club, did I begin to seriously consider that I could make this dream a reality. I became involved in an environment in which my dream was supported by the people and procedures of the organization. What a difference did that make on my renewed confidence. I finally came to the following conclusions:

1. If it's going to be, it's up to me. What this statement means to me, is first and foremost if I am confident in my ability to achieve any goal or dream in my life, I can expect others to believe in me. I have to bypass the naysayer's and say "YES" to my dream and then take action. I can not wait on my ship to come in ... I have to prepare myself to swim out to it.

2. Preparation is part of the process. No goal or dream is accomplished overnight in spite of the media's reference to someone being a "overnight success". The time that I spend honing my skills at Toastmaster's meeting and other public speaking opportunities provides me with the stage time necessary to become a highly effective speaker. Effective preparation is key to preventing poor performance.

3. Create raving fans. No one accomplishes anything great without the assistance and support of others. Instead of communicating my dream to those who saw themselves only as "employees", I began to communicate my dream to entrepreneurs and people with like minded goals. There real life experience of what it takes to get a business up and generating a profit has helped to fuel my passion for what I believe to be my purpose. Their confidence has helped keep my flame afire, in spite of setbacks. Just like a sports team, we need people cheering for us.

It is never to late to take action towards living the life of your dreams. For five years, I allowed what other's believed about my possibility hinder me from pursuing my goal of becoming a motivational speaker. This experience increased my awareness of the importance of challenging any action or thought that would slow or deter your momentum towards achieving any worthwhile goal. It is best to strike while the fire is hot. Success does not happen without the risk of failure. Accept this fact, challenge "lies of limitations" and begin to live your life without speed bumps!

Success Becomes You

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