Friday, February 13, 2009

Trust Your Inner-Voice

Why is it that you don't trust yourself? When you give more weight to what someone else thinks or says over what you believe and know to be true for you, you're abdicating your personal power. I believe in seeking advice from wise counselors in areas that I have limited knowledge or expertise, this habit has benefited me towards attaining particular goals. However, I still have to consider the consequences of taking there advice over what I may have originally considered to be the best course of action for the situation. I will still be responsible for the outcome.

Developing trust in your inner voice requires that you begin to develop quality decision making skills. This requires that you begin to make small decisions and assess the outcome of the results on a regular basis. As you establish a pattern of making small choices that lead to desired results, become mindful of the thought process that you engaged to come to the decision. Making the connection to the thought process which led to good decision making benefits you. This information can serve to help you establish standard procedures you will undertake to make decisions and it will help to build you confidence in your ability to make sound decisions.

You know what you want in life. It's time you start making the small decisions to move you towards that which you desire out of life. If you're someone who always has to run something by someone before you decide a course of action, start small to break this habit. Ideally, you want to trust your voice and your decision making. After all, it will be you not someone else that has to live with the consequence of the choice you make. The quality of your decisons will ultimately determine the quality of your life.